Uchida, Y.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
9 GINGA observations of a long-duration X-ray flare in the Algol system 224 Stern, R. A.; Haisch, B. M.; Nagase, F.; Uchida, Y.; Tsuneta, S.
9 Co-ordinated Ginga, IUE and VLA observations of flaring activity in sigma-squared CrB 227 Stern, R. A.; Haisch, B. M.; Uchida, Y.; Walter, F.; Veale, A.
9 The radio spectra of RS CVn stars 239 White, S. M.; Kundu, M. R.; Uchida, Y.; Nitta, N.
46 Observations of X-ray Jets Using YOHKOH Soft X-Ray Telescope 343 Shibata, K.; Ishido, Y.; Acton, L.; Strong, K.; Hirayama, T.; Uchida, Y.; McAllister, A.; Matsumoto, R.; Tsuneta, S.; Shimizu, T.; Hara, H.; Sakurai, T.; Ichimoto, K.; Nishino, Y.; Ogawara, Y.
111 YOHKOH Evidence Against the Reclosing Opened-Up Arcade Model for Arcade Flares and Arcade Formations 347 Uchida, Y.; Fujisaki, K.; Morita, S.; Hirose, S.
111 Large-Scale Active Coronal Phenomena in YOHKOH SXT Images 388 Svestka, Z.; Farnik, F.; Hudson, H. S.; Uchida, Y.; Hick, P.
150 YOHKOH Observations of Coronal Structures Surrounding Dark Filaments (Review) 163 Uchida, Y.
150 MHD Simulation of Dark Filament Eruption in the Quadrupole Source Model 384 Uchida, Y.; Hirose, S.; Cable, S.; Uemura, S.; Fujisaki, K.; Torii, M.; Morita, S.
289 Distribution of the Faraday Rotation Measure in AGN Jets as a Clue for Deciding a Valid Theoretical Model 367 Uchida, Y.; Nakamura, M.; Kigure, H.; Hirose, S.
289 An Investigation of Loop-Type CMEs with a 3D MHD Simulation 389 Kuwabara, J.; Uchida, Y.; Cameron, R.
290 A helical magnetic field in the jet of 3C 273 335 Asada, K.; Inoue, M.; Kameno, S.; Uchida, Y.
300 Thermal Electrons in the Helical Magnetic Field of 3C 273 141 Inour, M.; Asada, K.; Uchida, Y.
325 Investigation of Loop-Type CMEs with a 3D MHD Simulation 427 Kuwabara, J.; Uchida, Y.
325 Observation of Two Different Types of Coronal Mass Ejections 421 Suzuki, I.; Uchida, Y.