Uttenthaler, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
378 Technetium in Galactic Bulge AGB Stars 139 Uttenthaler, S.; Hron, J.; Lebzelter, T.; Busso, M.; Schultheis, M.; Kaeufl, H.U.
445 Confining Lithium-rich Phases on the RGB: VLT/FLAMES Survey of a Large Sample of Bulge RGB Stars 179 Uttenthaler, S.; Lebzelter, T.; Schultheis, M.; Busso, M.
445 CRIRES–POP: A Library of Observed High–Resolution Spectra in the Near Infrared 623 Lebzelter, T.; Seifahrt, A.; Ramsay, S.; Almeida, P.; Bagnulo, S.; Hartman, H.; Hussain, G.; Käufl, H.-U.; Nieva, M. F.; Przybilla, N.; Seemann, U.; Smette, A.; Uttenthaler, S.; Wahlgren, G.; Wolff, B.
497 Period – Mass-loss Rate Relation of Miras with and without Tc 49 Uttenthaler, S.
497 The Close Environment of the C-star TX Psc as Seen with CRIRES Spectro-Astrometry 121 Hron, J.; Lebzelter, T.; Paladini, C.; Uttenthaler, S.; Aringer, B.; Wiedemann, G.