Title: Why Galaxies Care about AGB Stars II: Shining Examples and Common Inhabitants
Volume: 445 Year: 2011 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Franz Kerschbaum
These proceedings demonstrate the relevance of Asymptotic Giant Branch
(AGB) stars and stellar astrophysics as a whole for our understanding of galactic
structure and evolution.
e meeting, a follow-up to one held in 2006, brought together astronomers
from the fields of AGB stars, galactic evolution, and stellar populations. What
do we know about the post-horizontal branch evolution of low and intermediate
mass stars, such as nucleosynthesis and mass loss, that play a role in our
understanding of galaxies? At the same time, what do galactic modelers need
from the AGB star community, and how are AGB stars included in these
models? What will be the role of AGB star research within the major areas of
astrophysics research in the coming decades? These were the main questions
we wanted to discuss at this conference.
Recent developments in instrumentation, such as the Herschel satellite and
new ground-based instruments, are enabling detailed studies of individual
AGB stars, their complex atmospheres, their envelopes and their interaction
with the interstellar medium. AGB stars are among the first targets to be
resolved in galaxies outside the Local Group. Of equal importance are the
exciting developments that have been achieved in modeling stellar nucleosynthesis,
mass loss, and the evolution of galaxies.
is book is an important resource for researchers interested in stellar and
galactic astrophysics, physical processes related to nucleosynthesis, radiation
hydrodynamics, pulsation, mass loss, and the chemical evolution of stellar
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
Front Matter Franz Kerschbaum
Conference Photos 1 Franz Kerschbaum
Session I. Complex Atmospheres: Talks   
Current Status of Stellar Evolutionary Models for AGB Stars 3 Karakas, A. I.
Observational Constraints on Nucleosynthesis and Mixing in AGB Stars 13 Abia, C.
Evolution and Nucleosynthesis of Extremely Metal–Poor AGB Stars 23 Straniero, O.; Cristallo, S.; Piersanti, L.; Gallino, R.; Domínguez, I.; Bisterzo, S.
Extra-Mixing Processes in Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars 29 Stancliffe, R. J.; Lattanzio, J. C.
Nucleosynthesis in Non-Convective Mixing of Low-Mass Red Giants: Effects of New Reaction Rates 39 Palmerini, S.; Busso, M.; La Cognata, M.; Cristallo, S.
S-process Nucleosynthesis in SAGB Stars 45 Lau, H. H. B.; Doherty, C. L.; Gil-Pons, P.; Lattanzio, J. C.
The s-Process Elemental Distribution in an s-Enhanced Extremely Metal-Poor Binary 51 Peterson, R. C.
The Fruity Database: Chemical Features of Low-Mass AGB Stars 57 Domínguez, I.; Cristallo, S.; Straniero, O.; Piersanti, L.; di Rico, G.; Gallino, R.; Abia, C.
AGB Stars in Galactic Globular Clusters: Are They Really Chemically Distinct from Their Fellow RGB and HB Stars? 63 Campbell, S. W.; Yong, D.; Wylie-de Boer, E. C.; Stancliffe, R. J.; Lattanzio, J. C.; Angelou, G. C.; Grundahl, F.; Sneden, C.
A Grid of MARCS Model Atmospheres for S Stars 71 Van Eck, S.; Neyskens, P.; Plez, B.; Jorissen, A.; Edvardsson, B.; Eriksson, K.; Gustafsson, B.; Jørgensen, U. G.; Nordlund, Å.
Abundance Patterns in S-type AGB Stars: Setting Constraints on Nucleosynthesis and Stellar Evolution Models 77 Neyskens, P.; Van Eck, S.; Plez, B.; Goriely, S.; Siess, L.; Jorissen, A.
Extended Atmospheres of AGB Stars: Modeling and Measurement 83 Ireland, M. J.
Photometric Modeling of Mass-losing C-type Miras 95 Nowotny, W.; Aringer, B.; Höfner, S.; Lederer, M. T.
Determination of the Stellar Parameters of C-rich Hydrostatic Stars from Spectro-Interferometric Observations 101 Paladini, C.; van Belle, G. T.; Aringer, B.; Hron, J.; Reegen, P.; Lebzelter, T.; Davies, C.
The Extended Atmospheres of Mira Variables Probed by VLTI, VLBA, and APEX 107 Wittkowski, M.; Boboltz, D. A.; de Breuck, C.; Gray, M.; Humphreys, E.; Ireland, M.; Karovicova, I.; Ohnaka, K.; Ruiz-Velasco, A. E.; Scholz, M.; Whitelock, P.; Zijlstra, A.
High-Spatial- and High-Spectral-Resolution Observations of the Inhomogeneous Outer Atmosphere of the M Giant BK Vir 113 Ohnaka, K.
Observations and Models of AGB Star Variability 117 Lebzelter, T.
Pulsation and Mass Loss of AGB Stars in the Magellanic Cloud Clusters NGC 1978 and NGC 419 127 Kamath, D.; Wood, P. R.; Soszyński, I.; Lebzelter, T.
Why Galaxies Care about Post-AGB stars 133 Van Winckel, H.
Nucleosynthesis Origin of PG 1159 Stars, Sakurai's Object, and Rare Subclasses of Presolar Grains 143 Gallino, R.; Straniero, O.; Zinner, E.; Jadhav, M.; Piersanti, L.; Cristallo, S.; Bisterzo, S.
Session I: Posters   
Thermohaline Mixing and the CN Bimodality in M3 151 Angelou, G. C.; Lattanzio, J. C.; Church, R. P.; Stancliffe, R. J.; Dearborn, D. S.; Smith, G. H.; Tout, C. A.; Smith, V. V.
New Carbon Stars in the Polar Region of the Sky 153 Eglitis, I.; Eglite, M.
Effective Temperature of Carbon Stars 155 Eglitis, I.; Eglite, M.; Paupere, M.
Uncovering the Pulsating Photospheres of Mira Stars through Near-IR Interferometry: A Case Study on R Vir 157 Hillen, M.; Verhoelst, T.; Acke, B.; Degroote, P.
Abundance Determination of the Neutron-Capture Elements Y, Zr, La, and Ce in Open Clusters. 159 Maiorca, E.; Randich, S.; Busso, M.; Magrini, L.; Palmerini, S.
Morphological Classification of Post-AGB Stars 161 Manchado, A.; García-Hernández, D. A.; Villaver, E.; Guironnet de Massas, J.
On the Mass and Evolutionary Status of the Bright Red AGB Supergiant α1 Herculis 163 Moravveji, E.; Guinan, E. F.; Sobouti, Y.
Using Limb-Darkening to Measure the Masses of Red Giants 165 Neilson, H. R.; Lester, J. B.
Why Variable AGB Stars with Long Secondary Periods Aren't Binaries, but Are Dusty 167 Nicholls, C.
Photocentric and Photometric Variability of Red Supergiant Stars 169 Chiavassa, A.; Pasquato, E.; Jorissen, A.; Sacuto, S.; Babusiaux, C.; Freytag, B.; Ludwig, H.-G.; Cruzalèbes, P.; Rabbia, Y.; Spang, A.; Chesneau, O.
Interferometric Constraints on Surface Brightness Asymmetries in Long-Period Variable Stars: A Threat to Accurate Gaia Parallaxes 171 Sacuto, S.; Jorissen, A.; Cruzalèbes, P.; Pasquato, E.; Chiavassa, A.; Spang, A.; Rabbia, Y.; Chesneau, O.
CoolGrid: Modeling the Right Half of the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram 173 Short, C. I.; Hauschildt, P. H.
The Second Release of the Toruń Catalogue of Galactic Post-AGB Stars 175 Siódmiak, N.; Szczerba, R.; Borkowski, J.
High-Resolution Spectroscopy of the Cool R CrB Star Candidates V1983 Cyg and V2074 Cyg 177 Smirnova, O.; Začs, L.; Pavlenko, Y. V.
Confining Lithium-rich Phases on the RGB: VLT/FLAMES Survey of a Large Sample of Bulge RGB Stars 179 Uttenthaler, S.; Lebzelter, T.; Schultheis, M.; Busso, M.
The Carbon Isotope Ratio and Metallicity of YY Psc 181 Wahlgren, G. M.; Lebzelter, T.; Wolff, B.
Testing a Modified Mixing-Length Theory: Comparison to the Pulsation of AGB Stars 183 Wood, P.; Arnett, D.
Lithium Abundances of Luminous Giant Stars in Globular Clusters 185 Worley, C. C.; de Laverny, P.
The Nuclear Network Generator NETGEN v10.0: A Tool for Nuclear Astrophysics 187 Xu, Y.; Goriely, S.; Jorissen, A.; Takahashi, K.; Arnould, M.
Dynamical Phenomena in the Atmosphere of the Proto-Planetary Nebula HD 235858 189 Začs, L.; Sperauskas, J.; Smirnova, O.; Barzdis, A.
Session II. Environment: Talks   
Starlight and Sandstorms: Mass Loss Mechanisms on the AGB 193 Höfner, S.
GRAMS: A Grid of RSG and AGB Models 203 Srinivasan, S.; Sargent, B. A.; Meixner, M.
A Spitzer Sample of S-type AGB Stars 209 Smolders, K.; Blommaert, J.; Decin, L.; Van Winckel, H.; Hony, S.; Sloan, G.; and the Spitzer S-star group
Grain Nucleation Experiments and Other Laboratory Data 215 Andersen, A. C.
The Composition of Dust in the Envelopes of AGB Stars 227 Waters, L. B. F. M.
Determining the Forsterite Abundance of the Dust around AGB Stars 235 de Vries, B. L.; Min, M.; Waters, L. B. F. M.; Blommaert, J.; Kemper, F.
Metallic Iron Grains in AGB Winds 241 McDonald, I.; Zijlstra, A. A.; Sloan, G. C.; Matsuura, M.
An Interferometric Spectral Line Survey of IRC +10216 in the 345 GHz Band 247 Patel, N. A.; Young, K. H.; Gottlieb, C. A.; Menten, K. M.
AGB Mass-Loss Characteristics: Rates, Temporal Variations, and Geometries 253 Schöier, F. L.; Ramstedt, S.; Maercker, M.; Olofsson, H.
The Mass-Loss Rates and Molecular Abundances of S-type AGB Stars 263 Ramstedt, S.; Schöier, F. L.; Olofsson, H.
Multi-Epoch Mid-Infrared Interferometric Observations of the Oxygen-rich Mira Variable Star RR Aql with the VLTI/MIDI Instrument 269 Karovicova, I.; Wittkowski, M.; Boboltz, D. A.; Fossat, E.; Ohnaka, K.; Scholz, M.
Probing Circumstellar Environments with Combined H I and CO Observations 275 Libert, Y.; Le Bertre, T.; Gérard, E.; Winters, J. M.; Matthews, L. D.
Stable Discs around Galactic and LMC Post-AGB Binaries 281 Gielen, C.; Van Winckel, H.; Min, M.; Waters, R.; Dominik, C.; Lloyd Evans, T.; Matsuura, M.; Deroo, P.; Cami, J.; and the SAGE-Spec team
Dynamics of Extended AGB Star Envelopes 287 Dreyer, C.; Hegmann, M.; Sedlmayr, E.
From Circumstellar Envelopes to the Interstellar Medium 295 Ueta, T.
Tails of Stellar Mass-Loss: VLA Imaging of H I in Circumstellar Envelopes 305 Matthews, L. D.; Gérard, E.; Johnson, M. C.; Bertre, T. L.; Libert, Y.; Reid, M. J.
Session II: Posters   
Modeling of Dust Spectra of 47 Tucanae with the Help of a Genetic Algorithm 313 Baier, A.; Klotz, D.; Lebzelter, T.; Kerschbaum, F.; Wenzel, B.
Dust in AGB Stars: Transparent or Opaque? 315 Bladh, S.; Höfner, S.; Aringer, B.
Snooping around the Big Dog: VY CMa as Seen with Herschel/HIFI 317 De Beck, E.; Decin, L.; Menten, K. M.; Marston, A.; Teyssier, D.; and the HIFISTARS team
Interaction between AGB Wind and Nova Outburst: The Case of V407 Cyg, a Symbiotic Star 319 Deguchi, S.; Koike, K.; Kuno, N.; Takahashi, S.; Matsunaga, N.; Nakashima, J.
Iron Depletion and Dust Features in Galactic PNe 321 Delgado-Inglada, G.; Rodríguez, M.
The Hamburg Database of Circumstellar OH Masers 323 Engels, D.; Heidmann, B.
Synthetic Colors for Dynamic C-Star Models 325 Eriksson, K.; Wachter, A.; Höfner, S.; Aringer, B.; Nowotny, W.
Probing Collimated Outflows from Post-AGB Stars with H2 327 Forde, K. P.; Gledhill, T. M.; Smith, M. D.
An H I Survey of Evolved Stars 329 Gérard, E.; Le Bertre, T.; Libert, Y.
Mass-Loss Rates of MS and S Stars Compared with their Infrared Photometry 331 Guandalini, R.
Double Chemistry in Galactic Bulge Planetary Nebulae 333 Guzman-Ramirez, L.; Zijlstra, A.
Confirmation of Element Abundance Inhomogeneity in Interstellar Matter from a Study of the O-type Supergiants HDE 226868 (Cyg X-1) and α Cam 335 Karitskaya, E. A.; Bochkarev, N. G.; Shimansky, V. V.; Galazutdinov, G. A.
Herschel PACS and SPIRE Imaging of CW Leonis 337 Ladjal, D.; Barlow, M.; Groenewegen, M.; Ueta, T.; Blommaert, J.; Cohen, M.; Decin, L.; De Meester, W.; Exter, K.; Gear, W. K.; Gomez, H. L.; Hargrave, P. C.; Huygen, R.; Ivison, R. J.; Jean, C.; Kerschbaum, F.; Leeks, S. J.; Lim, T. L.; Olofsson, G.; Polehampton, E.; Posch, T.; Regibo, S.; Royer, P.; Sibthorpe, B.; Swinyard, B. M.; Vandenbussche, B.; Waelkens, C.; Wesson, R.
NLTE Radiative Transfer in Red Supergiant Atmospheres 339 Lambert, J.; Josselin, E.; Faure, A.; Ryde, N.
PACS Spectroscopy of OH/IR Stars 341 Lombaert, R.; de Vries, B. L.; Decin, L.; Blommaert, J.; Royer, P.; De Beck, E.; de Koter, A.; Waters, L. B. F. M.
Age Distribution of AGB Stars and Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae 343 Maciel, W. J.; Costa, R. D. D.; Idiart, T. E. P.
Detached Shells of Dust and Gas around Carbon Stars 345 Maercker, M.; Olofsson, H.; Eriksson, K.; Gustafsson, B.; Schöier, F. L.
The Rich Carbon Chemistry of SMP LMC 11 347 Malek, S. E.; Cami, J.
Relaxing the Small Particle Approximation for Dust–Grain Opacities in Carbon-star Wind Models 349 Mattsson, L.; Höfner, S.
Headwind: The AGB-ISM Frontier 351 Mayer, A.; Jorissen, A.; Kerschbaum, F.; Van Eck, S.; Mecina, M.; Ottensamer, R.; Blommaert, J. A. D. L.; Decin, L.; Posch, T.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Vandenbussche, B.; Waelkens, C.
The Mass-Loss History of UX Dra and Other AGB Stars as Probed by Herschel 353 Mecina, M.; Kerschbaum, F.; Ladjal, D.; Ottensamer, R.; Luntzer, A.; Mayer, A.; Groenewegen, M.; Blommaert, J.; Baumann, B.; Decin, L.; Klotz, D.; Vandenbussche, B.; Waelkens, C.; Posch, T.
Wind Roche-Lobe Overflow: A New Mass Transfer Mode for Mira-type Binaries 355 Mohamed, S.; Podsiadlowski, Ph.
Temperature and Compositional Effects on Spectral Features of the Olivine Minerals 357 Guha Niyogi, S.; Speck, A.; Dijkstra, C.
The Infrared Variation of the Symbiotic Star BI Cru 359 Norris, R. P.; Wahlgren, G. M.; Bruhweiler, F. C.; McCollum, B.
Nucleation Studies under the Conditions of Carbon-rich AGB Star Envelopes: TiC 361 Patzer, A. B. C.; Wendt, M.; Chang, C.; Sülzle, D.
IR Laboratory Olivine Spectra: Extracting Peak Parameters Using Classical Dispersion Analysis 363 Pitman, K. M.; Dijkstra, C.; Hofmeister, A. M.; Speck, A. K.
A Possible Solution to the Mass-Loss Problem in M-type AGB Stars 365 Olofsson, H.; Ramstedt, S.; Sacuto, S.; Maercker, M.; Höfner, S.; Kerschbaum, F.
Imaging the Circumstellar Dust Distribution around AGB Stars with the NOT/PolCor Instrument 367 Ramstedt, S.; Maercker, M.; Olofsson, G.; Olofsson, H.; Schöier, F. L.
Circumstellar Envelopes of OH/IR Stars 369 Ruiz-Velasco, A. E.; Wittkowski, M.; Driebe, T.; Wachter, A.; Höfner, S.
Measuring the Mass-Loss Evolution at the Tip of the Asymptotic Giant Branch 371 Sandin, C.
The Missing-Opacity Problem in O-rich Winds: an Impression of the State of Affairs 373 Verhoelst, T.
Water Vapour Masers in the Mira Variable U Herculis 375 Winnberg, A.; Brand, J.; Engels, D.
Session III. Common Inhabitants: Talks   
Integrated Properties of AGB Stars in Resolved and Unresolved Stellar Populations: Simple Stellar Populations and Star Clusters 379 Lançon, A.
Why Galaxies Care about AGB Stars: Modeling Galaxies 391 Maraston, C.
The Role of the TP-AGB Phase in Color – M/L Relations 403 Portinari, L.; Into, T.
The AGB Population of NGC 6822 409 Sibbons, L. F.; Cioni, M.-R. L.; Irwin, M.; Rejkuba, M.
What Yields from Massive AGB Stars? 415 Ventura, P.; Carini, R.
Planetary Nebulae: Constraining AGB Evolution in Different Environments 425 Stanghellini, L.
Evolutionary Models for AGB Stars in the Magellanic Clouds 431 Marigo, P.; Bressan, A.; Girardi, L.; Aringer, B.; Gullieuszik, M.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.
Rubidium-rich Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars in the Magellanic Clouds 437 García-Hernández, D. A.
Session III: Posters   
Formation and Evolution of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars 445 Abate, C.; Pols, O. R.; Izzard, R. G.
The Barium Star Mystery 447 Dermine, T.; Izzard, R. G.; Jorissen, A.; Church, R.
Populations of Carbon Stars 449 Lloyd Evans, T.
Is There an AGB Star in NGC 6791? 451 Hartig, E.; Lebzelter, T.; Hinkle, K. H.
Calibrating Stellar Population Models in the Near-IR: Implications Due to the Presence of Carbon–Rich AGB Stars 453 Lyubenova, M.; Kuntschner, H.; Rejkuba, M.; Silva, D. R.; Kissler-Patig, M.; Tacconi-Garman, L. E.; Larsen, S. S.
Tracing Dust in Old Stellar Populations 455 Richter, H.; Lebzelter, T.; Bressan, A.
GRAMS Evolved Star Mass-Loss Models: CMDs, CCDs, and Stellar Population Analysis for the LMC 457 Sargent, B.; Srinivasan, S.; Meixner, M.
Session IV. Out There: Talks   
The Local Group: Inventory and History 463 Tolstoy, E.
A SAGE Overview of AGB Stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud 473 Boyer, M. L.; Srinivasan, S.; van Loon, J. Th.; McDonald, I.; Gordon, K. D.; Meixner, M.; Clayton, G.; Babler, B.; Block, M.; Bracker, S.; Engelbracht, C. W.; Hora, J.; Indebetouw, R.; Meade, M.; Missselt, K.; Robitaille, T.; Sewilo, M.; Shiao, B.; Whitney, B.; and the SAGE-SMC Team
The Elusive AGB Population in Galaxies 479 Battinelli, P.; Demers, S.
Period-Luminosity Relations of LPVs in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies 491 Lorenz, D.; Nowotny, W.; Lebzelter, T.; Telting, J.; Kerschbaum, F.; Olofsson, H.; Schwarz, H. E.
Infrared Survey of Pulsating Giant Stars in the Spiral Galaxy M 33: Dust Production, Star Formation History, and Galactic Structure 497 Javadi, A.; van Loon, J. Th.; Mirtorabi, M. T.
Probing Dust Production in the Local Group 503 Sloan, G. C.; Zijlstra, A. A.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Lagadec, E.; Matsuura, M.; Wood, P. R.; van Loon, J. Th.; McDonald, I.
Mass-Loss from AGB Stars in the Local Group: Studying the Effect of Metallicity 509 Lagadec, E.; Zijsltra, A. A.; Sloan, G. C.; Mauron, N.; Matsuura, M.
The Contribution of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars to the Infrared Luminosities of Galaxies 515 Melbourne, J.; Williams, B.; Dalcanton, J.; Girardi, L.; Marigo, P.
Session IV: Posters   
Dust Formation History of Galaxies: Dependence on the Sources of Dust Production 523 Asano, R. S.; Takeuchi, T. T.; Hirashita, H.; Inoue, A. K.
Luminous AGB Stars beyond the Local Group: Tracers of Intermediate-age Populations in the Cen A Group 525 Crnojević, D.; Rejkuba, M.; Grebel, E. K.; Da Costa, G.; Jerjen, H.
Circumnuclear Star-Forming Regions in Early Type Spiral Galaxies 527 Hägele, G. F.; Díaz, Á. I.; Cardaci, M. V.; Terlevich, E.; Terlevich, R.; Bosch, G. L.
The AGB Stellar Population in the Magellanic System: First Results from the VMC Survey 529 Gullieuszik, M.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; and the VMC Team
The Global Gas and Dust Budget of the Large Magellanic Cloud: Importance of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars 531 Matsuura, M.
Asymptotic Giant Branch Variables in NGC 6822 533 Nsengiyumva, F.; Whitelock, P. A.; Feast, M. W.; Menzies, J. W.
Dust Production in Large Magellanic Cloud Planetary Nebulae 535 Otsuka, M.; Meixner, M.; Sargent, B.; Hora, J. L.; Cohen, M.
AKARI All-Sky Survey: Contribution from AGB Stars to the Far Infrared Flux of the Milky Way 537 Pollo, A.; Rybka, P.; Takeuchi, T. T.
Period-Luminosity Relations for LMC AGB Stars 539 Riebel, D.; Meixner, M.; Srinivasan, S.; Fraser, O.; Cook, K.; Vijh, U.
AKARI All-Sky Far-Infrared Survey: Where to Look for AGB Stars? 541 Rybka, P.; Pollo, A.; Takeuchi, T. T.
AGB Stars in the AKARI NEP-Deep Field 543 Solarz, A.; Pollo, A.; Takeuchi, T. T.; Pȩpiak, A.
Long-Period Variables in the Magellanic Clouds from the EROS-2 Survey 545 Spano, M.; Mowlavi, N.; Eyer, L.; Marquette, J.-B.; Burki, G.
AGB Stars in WLM 547 Tatton, B.; Cioni, M.; Irwin, M.
Diagnosis of the IMF in the Universe using C, N Abundances 549 Tsujimoto, T.; Bekki, K.
Dust SED Model of Very Young Galaxies with AGB-Star Dust 551 Takeuchi, T. T.; Asano, R. S.; Ishii, T. T.; Nozawa, T.; Hirashita, H.; Kozasa, T.
Session V. Perspectives: Talks   
Space Observatory Studies of AGB Stars in Galaxies: from IRAS to JWST 555 Meixner, M.
Results from the Herschel Key Program MESS 567 Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Waelkens, C.; Barlow, M. J.; Kerschbaum, F.; Garcia-Lario, P.; Cernicharo, J.; Blommaert, J. A. D. L.; Bouwman, J.; Cohen, M.; Cox, N.; Decin, L.; Exter, K.; Gear, W. K.; Gomez, H. L.; Hargrave, P. C.; Henning, Th.; Hutsemékers, D.; Ivison, R. J.; Jorissen, A.; Krause, O.; Ladjal, D.; Leeks, S. J.; Lim, T. L.; Matsuura, M.; Nazé, Y.; Olofsson, G.; Ottensamer, R.; Polehampton, E.; Posch, T.; Rauw, G.; Royer, P.; Sibthorpe, B.; Swinyard, B. M.; Ueta, T.; Vamvatira-Nakou, C.; Vandenbussche, B.; Van de Steene, G. C.; Van Eck, S.; van Hoof, P. A. M.; Van Winckel, H.; Verdugo, E.; Wesson, R.
Herschel/HIFI Results on Circumstellar Shells around Evolved Stars: HIFISTARS and SUCCESS 577 Bujarrabal, V.; and the HIFISTARS and SUCCESS teams
Probing the Mass Loss History of AGB Stars with Herschel\footnotemark 589 Kerschbaum, F.; Mecina, M.; Ottensamer, R.; Luntzer, A.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Blommaert, J. A. D. L.; Decin, L.; Royer, P.; Vandenbussche, B.; Waelkens, C.; Barlow, M.; Lim, T.
TX Psc and X Her: Two Cases of Stellar Wind-ISM Interaction 595 Jorissen, A.; Mayer, A.; Van Eck, S.; Ottensamer, R.; Kerschbaum, F.; Ueta, T.; Blommaert, J. A. D. L.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Hron, J.; Nowotny, W.; Olofsson, H.; Posch, Th.; Waelkens, C.
Circumstellar Molecular Chemistry of Evolved AGB Stars as Traced by Herschel HIFI, PACS and SPIRE 601 Decin, L.
Herschel-SPIRE FTS Spectroscopy of Evolved Stars 607 Wesson, R.; Cernicharo, J.; Barlow, M. J.; Matsuura, M.; Decin, L.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Polehampton, E. T.; Agundez, M.; Cohen, M.; Daniel, F.; Exter, K. M.; Gear, W. K.; Gomez, H. L.; Hargrave, P. C.; Imhof, P.; Ivison, R. J.; Leeks, S. J.; Lim, T. L.; Olofsson, G.; Savini, G.; Sibthorpe, B.; Swinyard, B. M.; Ueta, T.; Witherick, D. K.; Yates, J. A.
A HIFI View of Circumstellar H2O Emission from the S-type AGB Star χ Cyg 613 Maercker, M.; Schöier, F. L.; 3; Justtanont, K.; Olofsson, H.; and the HIFISTARS team
Session V: Posters   
Detection of the 69 μm Band of Crystalline Forsterite in the Herschel MESS program 621 de Vries, B. L.; Klotz, D.; Lombaert, R.; Baier, A.; Blommaert, J. A. D. L.; Decin, L.; Kerschbaum, F.; Nowotny, W.; Posch, T.; Van Winckel, H.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Ueta, T.; Van de Steene, G.; Vandenbussche, B.; Royer, P.; Waelkens, C.
CRIRES–POP: A Library of Observed High–Resolution Spectra in the Near Infrared 623 Lebzelter, T.; Seifahrt, A.; Ramsay, S.; Almeida, P.; Bagnulo, S.; Hartman, H.; Hussain, G.; Käufl, H.-U.; Nieva, M. F.; Przybilla, N.; Seemann, U.; Smette, A.; Uttenthaler, S.; Wahlgren, G.; Wolff, B.
Fishing for Photons: Data Reduction of MESSy PACS Images 625 Ottensamer, R.; Luntzer, A.; Mecina, M.; Kerschbaum, F.; Blommaert, J. A. D. L.; Decin, L.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Posch, T.; Vandenbussche, B.; Waelkens, C.
Extended Dust Shell of the Carbon Star U Hya Revealed by AKARI 627 Ueta, T.; Izumiura, H.; Yamamura, I.; Matsunaga, N.; Ita, Y.; Matsuura, M.; Nakada, Y.; Fukushi, H.; Mito, H.; Tanabé, T.; Hashimoto, O.
Direct Detection of Dust Formation Events about OH/IR Stars 629 Lewis, B. M.
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