Vagnetti, F.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
2 In the Presence of Photometric Bias 46 Cavaliere, A.; Giallongo, E.; Vagnetti, F.
2 Activity Patterns and Evolution of AGN's 335 Cavaliere, A.; Giallongo, E.; Padovani, P.; Vagnetti, F.
54 The Evolutionary Unified Scheme: Radio Sources in the Theta - Z Plane 271 Vagnetti, F.; Spers, R.
360 Redshift Dependence of QSO Spectral Variability 33 Vagnetti, F.; Trevese, D.
360 A New Echo-Mapping Campaign at Intermediate Redshift 201 Trevese, D.; Stirpe, G.; Vagnetti, F.; Zitelli, V.; Paris, D.
373 Continuum and Emission-line Variability of High-luminosity Quasars 31 Vagnetti, F.; Trevese, D.; Paris, D.; Stirpe, G.; Zitelli, V.
373 An X-ray and Optical AGN Survey in SA 57 722 Trevese, D.; Vagnetti, F.; Zitelli, V.; Puccetti, S.; Boutsia, K.; Fiore, F.; Bershady, M.
408 Variability-Selected Low Luminosity AGNs in the SA57 and in the CDFS 260 Vagnetti, F.; Boutsia, K.; Trevese, D.
424 Selecting AGN through Variability in SN Datasets 277 Boutsia, K.; Leibundgut, B.; Trevese, D.; Vagnetti, F.
460 Multi-epoch Observation of C IV Absorption Variability in APM 08279+5255 107 Trevese, D.; Saturni, F. G.; Vagnetti, F.; Paris, D.; Perna, M.