Vlahakis, C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
390 The FIR–Radio Relationship at High and Low Redshifts 435 Vlahakis, C.; Eales, S.; Dunne, L.
476 Molecular Gas Properties of M100 with ALMA 65 Vlahakis, C.; Leon, S.; Bendo, G.; Garcia, D.; Martin, S.; Zwaan, M.
499 ALMA Reveals VY CMa's Sub-mm H2O Maser and Dust Distribution 337 Richards, A.M.S.; Impellizzeri, C.M.V.; Humphreys, E.M.; Vlahakis, C.; Vlemmings, W.; Baudry, A.
499 ALMA Polarization Science Verification: 3C 286 357 Nagai, H.; Nakanishi, K.; Paladino, R.; Moellenbrock, G.; Fomalont, E.; Amigano, A.; Vlahakis, C.; Remijan, A.; ALMA Polarization Team
499 ALMA Polarization: Current Status and Extension of Capability 359 Nakanishi, K.; Nagai, H.; Fomalont, E.; Cortes, P.; Remijan, A.; Vlahakis, C.; Corder, S.; Moellenbrock, G.; Tang, Y.-W.; Hills, R.; ALMA science team