Volkov, I.M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
330 The Slow Nova V475 Sct (Nova Scuti 2003) - Ejected Envelope and Variability 439 Chochol, D.; Katysheva, N.A.; Pribulla, T.; Shugarov, S.Yu.; Skoda, P.; Slechta, M.; Volkov, I.M.
330 Two Periods of the Variability in V380 Oph 495 Shugarov, S.Yu.; Katysheva, N.A.; Seregina, T.M.; Volkov, I.M.; Kroll, P.
335 Search for a Third Body in the DI Her System by means of the Light-Time Effect in O - C 351 Volkov, I.M.