Vreux, J.-M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
260 Optical Spectroscopy of Colliding-Wind Systems to be Observed with XMM 431 Sana, H.; Rauw, G.; Gosset, E.; Vreux, J.-M.
260 Searching for Colliding-Wind Signatures in a Sample of O-Star Binaries 449 Rauw, G.; Sana, H.; Vreux, J.-M.; Gosset, E.; Stevens, I. R.
305 Search for X-ray Variability in Early-type Stars in the Carina OB1 Association with XMM-Newton 383 Antokhin, I. I.; Rauw, G.; Vreux, J.-M.; van der Hucht, K. A.
367 NGC6231: X-ray Properties of the Early-Type Star Population 109 Sana, H.; Naze, Y.; Gosset, E.; Rauw, G.; Sung, H.; Vreux, J.-M.
367 XMM-Newton Studies of the Wolf-Rayet Colliding-Wind Binaries WR 25 (WN6h+O4f) and WR 11 (WC8+O7.5III) 159 van der Hucht, K.A.; Raassen, A.J.J.; Mewe, R.; Antokhin, I.I.; Rauw, G.; Vreux, J.-M.; Schild, H.; Schmutz, W.