Xu, H.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
251 Observations of the Elliptical Galaxy NGC 4636 with XMM-Newton RGS: Preliminary Results 424 Xu, H.; Kahn, S. M.; Peterson, J. R.; Behar, E.; Paerels, F. B. S.; Mushotzky, R. F.; Makishima, K.
301 High Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopic Constraints on Cooling Flow Models of Clusters of Galaxies and Gaseous Haloes Around Elliptical Galaxies 23 Kahn, S. M.; Peterson, J. R.; Paerels, F. B. S.; Xu, H.; Kaastra, J. S.; Ferrigno, C.; Tamura, T.; Bleeker, J.; Jernigan, J. G.