Yee, H.K.C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
379 The Red-Sequence Cluster Surveys 103 Yee, H.K.C.; Gladders, M.D.; Gilbank, D.G.; Majumdar, S.; Hoekstra, H.; Ellingson, E.; the RCS-2 Collaboration
379 Color Bimodality in Galaxy Clusters since z ~ 0.9 294 Ellingson, E.; Loh, Y.S.; Yee, H.K.C.; Gilbank, D.G.; Gladders, M.D.; Barrientos, F.
379 Strong Lensing Clusters in the Red-Sequence Cluster Survey 2 298 Gilbank, D.G.; Gladders, M.D.; Yee, H.K.C.; the RCS-2 Collaboration
399 Pair Analysis of Field Galaxies from the RCS 300 Hsieh, B.C.; Yee, H.K.C.; Lin, H.; Gladders, M.D.; Gilbank, D.G.
399 The Evolution of Cluster Galaxies since z ∼ 1 from the Red-Sequence Cluster Surveys 327 Yee, H.K.C.; Gilbank, D.G.; Gladders, M.D.; Ellingson, E.; the RCS Collaboration