York, D.G.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
311 The SDSS Quasar Survey 425 Schneider, D.P.; Fan, X.; Hall, P.B.; Jester, S.; Richards, G.T.; Stoughton, C.; Strauss, M.A.; SubbaRao, M.; Vanden Berk, D.E.; Anderson, S.F.; Brandt, W.N.; Gunn, J.E.; Trump, J.R.; York, D.G.; the SDSS Collaboration
319 Building a Technology Culture in 29 Chicago Schools 94 York, D.G.
348 HD in the Galactic ISM 100 Lacour, S.; Andre, M.K.; Sonnentrucker, P.; LePetit, F.; Welty, D.E.; Desert, J.-M.; Ferlet, R.; Roueff, E.; York, D.G.
348 A Brief Summary of a Low Redshift AGN Atlas from the FUSE Archive 515 York, D.G.; Frohardt, R.; Syphers, D.; Crotty, P.; Mallouris, C.; Thorburn, J.; Heffern, B.; Lundgren, B.; Geyer, J.
393 Distances to the High Velocity Clouds: A Forty-Year Mystery on the Way to Solution 179 Barentine, J.C.; Wakker, B.P.; York, D.G.; Howk, J.C.; Wilhelm, R.; van Woerden, H.; Peletier, R.F.; Beers, T.C.; Richter, P.; Ivezic, Z.; Schwarz, U.J.