Young, M. D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
202 Ha, ha, ha, ha, staying alive, staying alive: A radio pulsar with an 8.5-s period challenges emission models. 185 Young, M. D.; Manchester, R. N.; Johnston, S.
475 FRIAA: A FRamework for Web-based Interactive Astronomy Analysis using AMQP Messaging 337 Young, M. D.; Gopu, A.; Hayashi, S.; Cox, J. A.
485 SOURCE EXPLORER: Towards Web Browser Based Tools for Astronomical Source Visualization and Analysis 269 Young, M. D.; Hayashi, S.; Gopu, A.
485 IMAGE EXPLORER: Astronomical Image Analysis on an HTML5-based Web Application 417 Gopu, A.; Hayashi, S.; Young, M. D.
495 Rapid Large Scale Reprocessing of the ODI Archive using the QuickReduce Pipeline 53 Gopu, A.; Kotulla, R.; Young, M. D.; Hayashi, S.; Harbeck, D.; Liu, W.; Henschel, R.
495 Operational Support for Instrument Stability through ODI-PPA Metadata Visualization and Analysis 181 Young, M. D.; Hayashi, S.; Gopu, A.; Kotulla, R.; Harbeck, D.; Liu, W.
495 User Driven Image Stacking for ODI Data and Beyond via a Highly Customizable Web Interface 421 Hayashi, S.; Gopu, A.; Young, M. D.; Kotulla, R.