Young, W.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
216 I/O Performance of AIPS++ 490 Roberts, D. A.; Crutcher, R. M.; Imeraj, E.; Kemball, A.; Young, W.
238 Parallelization of Widefield Imaging in AIPS++ 408 Golap, K.; Kemball, A.; Cornwell, T.; Young, W.
351 ACS as the Framework for Offline Data Reduction in ALMA 259 Harrington, S.; DeBonis, D.; McMullin, J.; Young, W.; Chiozzi, G.; Jeram, B.
351 AIPS++ Framework Migration 319 McMullin, J.P.; Shiebel, D.R.; Young, W.; DeBonis, D.
376 CASA Architecture and Applications 127 McMullin, J.P.; Waters, B.; Schiebel, D.; Young, W.; Golap, K.