Yuan, H.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
480 Substructure in Bulk Velocities of Milky Way Disk Stars 19 Carlin, J. L.; DeLaunay, J.; Newberg, H. J.; Deng, L.; Gole, D.; Grabowski, K.; Jin, G.; Liu, C.; Liu, X.; Luo, A.-L.; Yuan, H.; Zhang, H.; Zhao, G.; Zhao, Y.
485 A Toolkit for Eye Recognition of LAMOST Spectroscopy 455 Yuan, H.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, Y.; Lei, Y.; Dong, Y.; Zhao, Y.
521 Implementation of Stellar Parameter Estimation in ASERA 272 Yuan, H.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, H.; Lei, Y.; Dong, Y.; Wu, Y.; Zhao, Y.