de Ruiter, H. R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
51 Radio Observations of the Deep ROSAT Field in the Lockman Hole 453 de Ruiter, H. R.; Zamorani, G.; Parma, P.
54 Brightness Asymmetries and Velocities of Jets in Low Luminosity Radio Galaxies 241 Parma, P.; de Ruiter, H. R.; Fanti, R.; Laing, R.
249 HST Images of B2 Radio Galaxies: The Link between Circumnuclear Dust and Radio Properties 306 de Ruiter, H. R.; Parma, P.; Fanti, R.; Capetti, A.; Morganti, R.
250 A multi-frequency study of the radio galaxy NGC 326 380 Murgia, M.; Parma, P.; Fanti, R.; de Ruiter, H. R.; Ekers, R. D.; Fomalont, E. B.
258 The HST View of Low Luminosity Radio-Galaxies 159 Capetti, A.; Celotti, A.; Chiaberge, M.; de Ruiter, H. R.; Fanti, R.; Morganti, R.; Parma, P.
375 A Search for Molecular Gas in Low-Luminosity Radio Galaxies 271 Prandoni, I.; Laing, R.A.; Parma, P.; de Ruiter, H. R.; Montenegro-Montes, F.M.; Wilson, T.L.