van Hoolst, T.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
40 The subseismic approximation for low-frequency modes of the earth applied to low-degree, low-frequency g-modes of non-rotating stars 538 de Boeck, I.; van Hoolst, T.; Smeyers, P.
83 Mode Identification of the BetaCephei star BW Vulpeculae 56 Aerts, C.; Van Hoolst, T.; Mathias, P.
83 A New Asymptotic Treatment of g-modes of a Star 285 Smeyers, P.; Van Hoolst, T.; De Boeck, I.; Decock, L.
83 Quadratic and Cubic Couplings of Oscillation Modes of Stars 287 Van Hoolst, T.
135 Asymptotic Representation of p-modes Modified for Effects of Gravity and Density Stratification 87 Van Hoolst, T.; Willems, B.; Smeyers, P.
135 Nonradial Mode Instability in Static and Radially Pulsating Models of RR Lyrae Stars 232 Van Hoolst, T.; Dziembowski, W. A.; Kawaler, S. D.
203 Theory of Amplitude Modulation II. The Resonant Mode Interaction Model 307 van Hoolst, T.