van Loon, J.Th.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
353 On the Metallicity Dependence of the Winds from Red Supergiants and Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars 211 van Loon, J.Th.
363 Infrared Observations of V838 Mon 32 Rushton, M.T.; Geballe, T.R.; Evans, A.N.; van Loon, J.Th.; Smalley, B.; Eyres, S.P.S.
363 What Infrared Spectroscopy of Carbon Monoxide Tells us about V838 Mon 110 Geballe, T.R.; Evans, A.; van Loon, J.Th.; Smalley, B.; Rushton, M.R.; Eyres, S.P.S.
378 On Determining the Mass-Loss Rates of Red Giants and Red Supergiants Based on Infrared Data 227 van Loon, J.Th.
378 Quantitative Results on AGB Mass-Loss Rates 251 Wood, P.; Groenewegen, M.A.T.; Sloan, G.C.; Blommaert, J.A.D.L.; Cioni, M.-R.L.; Feast, M.W.; Habing, H.J.; Hony, S.; Lagadec, E.; Loup, C.; Matsuura, M.; Menzies, J.W.; Olivier, E.A.; Vanhollebeke, E.; van Loon, J.Th.; Waters, L.B.F.M.; Whitelock, P.A.; Zijlstra, A.A.
378 Estimation of the Dust Mass-Loss Rates from AGB Stars in the Fornax and Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies 268 Lagadec, E.; Zijlstra, A.A.; Matsuura, M.; Whitelock, P.A.; van Loon, J.Th.
378 Infrared Molecular Bands of Carbon-Rich Stars in Nearby Galaxies 450 Matsuura, M.; Sloan, G.C.; Zijlstra, A.A.; Wood, P.R.; Harris, J.G; Bernard-Salas, J.; van Loon, J.Th.; Whitelock, P.A.; Menzies, J.W.
388 The Impact of Red Giant Mass Loss on Star Cluster Evolution 407 van Loon, J.Th.; McDonald, I.
401 Silicate Dust in the Environs of RS Ophiuchi (Invited speaker) 260 Woodward, C.E.; Helton, L.A.; Evans, A.; van Loon, J.Th.; the Spitzer DDT Team