Title: The Physics of the Interstellar Medium and Intergalactic Medium
Volume: 80 Year: 1995 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Ferrara, A.; McKee, C. F.; Heiles, C.; Shapiro, P. R.
ISBN: 0-937707-99-6 eISBN: 978-1-58381-416-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
Is the Dynamo Theory of the Galactic Magnetic Field Wrong? 1 Field, G. B.
Molecular Gas at High Z in the Milky Way 15 Dame, T. M.; Thaddeus, P.
Hot Ammonia Towards SGR B2: A Shocking Interpretation 29 Walmsley, C. M.; Flower, D. R.; Pineau des Forets, G.
Infrared Emission from Molecular Hydrogen 37 Dalgarno, A.
Loop I - an Active Superbubble 45 Egger, R. J.
The Reionization of the Intergalactic Medium 55 Shapiro, P. R.
The Gunn-Peterson Effect at High Redshift 98 Giallongo, E.
IGM Constraints and the Intracluster Medium at z=3 from X-Ray Spectra of High Redshift Quasars 105 Elvis, M.; Fiore, F.; Aldcroft, T. L.; McDowell, J. C.; Wilkes, B. J.; Bechtold, J.
The Present Status of the Decaying Neutrino Theory 114 Sciama, D. W.
Gravitational Constraints on Intergalactic Matter 122 Saslaw, W. C.
Properties of Dust in Diffuse Clouds 133 Draine, B. T.
Theoretical Studies of Dust in the Galactic Environment: Some Recent Advances 148 Leung, C. M.
Small-Scale Structure of Interstellar Clouds: The Impact of Turbulence 158 Falgarone, E.
Ambipolar Diffusion, Interstellar Dust, and the Formation of Protostellar Cores 174 Ciolek, G. E.
Role of Magnetic Fields in the Early Stages of Star Formation 184 Mouschovias, T. C.
Spiral Arms and Star Formation 218 Elmegreen, B. G.
The Gaseous Galactic Corona 233 Savage, B. D.
Lyalpha Clouds at High and Low Redshift 251 Weymann, R.
Outer Galaxy Disks 264 Salpeter, E. E.
Dust Scattered Quasars in Distant Radio Galaxies: Clues on the ISM and a Test of the EEP 276 di Serego Alighieri, S.; Field, G. B.; Cimatti, A.
HST Observations of Stars in the Galactic Halo: Results on Interstellar Dust 283 Fitzpatrick, E. L.
The Multiphase Interstellar Medium 292 McKee, C. F.
Problems with the Diffuse Interstellar Medium 317 Cox, D. P.
Thermal Instability 328 Balbus, S. A.
Acoustic and Thermoreactive Instabilities in a Photoionized Multiphase Medium 346 Ferrara, A.; Corbelli, E.
Measuring Spin Temperatures in Other Galaxies: The Mixture of Interstellar Phases 357 Dickey, J. M.
The Hydrodynamics of Shock-Cloud Interactions in the Interstellar Medium 366 Klein, R. I.; McKee, C. F.; Woods, D. T.
Diffuse Optical Emission Lines as Probes of the Interstellar and Intergalactic Ionizing Radiation 388 Reynolds, R. J.
Diffuse Ionized Gas in the Disk-Halo Interface of Spiral Galaxies 398 Dettmar, R.-J.
Hot ISM in Early Type Galaxies 409 Trinchieri, G.
The Hot ISM of Galaxies 419 Fabbiano, G.
ROSAT Results on Supernova Remnants 432 Aschenbach, B.
New Insights on the Interstellar Medium from the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer 444 Bowyer, S.
Compact Supernova Remnants and Active Galactic Nuclei 452 Franco, J.; Miller, W. W., III; Arthur, S. J.
Quasar Absorption Line Studies at High Redshift: Measurements of the Microwave Background and Molecular Hydrogen 463 Cowie, L. L.
Multiphase Gas in Quasar Absorption Systems 468 Shull, J. M.; Giroux, M. L.; Sutherland, R. S.
Evolution of the Gas and Metal Content of the Universe from z~ 5 to the Present 478 Wolfe, A. M.
Gas at Large Distances from Galaxies and QSO Absorption Lines 488 Wang, B.
Where is the Soft X-Ray Background Coming From? 498 Sanders, W. T.
The Galactic B-Field (GBF) 507 Heiles, C.
The Theory of the Galactic Magnetic Field 524 Zweibel, E. G.
Cosmic Ray Heating of the Interstellar Gas 545 Begelman, M. C.
The Interaction of Gamma Ray Burster Relativistic Wind with the Interstellar Medium 553 Meszaros, P.
Search for the Intergalactic Medium 561 Henry, R. C.
Light Elements and Molecular Evolution in the Post-Recombination Universe 571 Palla, F.
The Physics of the Interstellar Medium and Intergalactic Medium: Conference Summary 582 Norman, C. A.