Title: 1997 Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Volume: 138 Year: 1998 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Chan, Kwing Lam; Cheng, K. S.; Singh, H. P.
ISBN: 1-886733-58-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-474-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
Disks that appear and disappear around rapidly rotating A-type stars 3 Abt, H. A.; Tan, H.; Zhou, H.
Interglitch braking indices of pulsars and energy dissipation in neutron stars 7 Alpar, M. A.
Coronal heating by magnetic kink waves 15 Banerjee, D.; Dikpati, M.; Choudhuri, A. R.
Narrow-band optical imagry of the proto-planetary nebula IRAS 17441-2411 19 Bobrowsky, M.; Meixner, M.; Skinner, C. J.
Planet formation; orbital evolution and planet-star tidal interaction 23 Bryden, G.; Lin, D. N. C.; Terquem, C.
NRP observation of the Delta Scuti star V480 Tau 33 Cao, H.; Hao, J.; Henrichs, H. F.; Kennelly, E. J.; Neff, J. E.; Hatzes, A.; Schrijvers, C.; Yang, D.; Huang, L.
Mid-infrared observations of the galactic bulge by the IRTS 37 Chan, K. W.; Roellig, T. L.; Onaka, T.; Yamamura, I.; Tanabe, T.
Do gamma-ray bursts associate with metal-rich quasars 39 Cheng, K. S.; Wang, J. M.; Li, Y.; Fan, J. H.
Stellar convection & related research at HKUST 41 Chan, K. L.
Magnetic field evolution of a superconducting strange star 47 Chau, H. F.; Tang, K. L.
The (C bar 64)max/(C Bar 1024)max test for time dilation in long and short gamma-ray bursts 51 Che, H.; Yang, Y.; Wu, M.
Semi-classical simplified formulae for quantum cyclotron theory under the astrophysical circumstances 55 Chen, J.; You, J.
Applications of thick outer gap model 65 Cheng, K. S.; Zhang, L.
Cygnus X-1: a spinning black hole? 75 Cui, W.; Chen, W.; Zhang, S. N.
The internal structure and age of the sun from seismology 79 Demarque, P.; Guenther, D. B.; Kim, Y.-C.
Instability of concentrated toroidal fields in the latitudinal differential rotation below the solar convection zone 89 Dikpati, M.; Gilman, P. A.
Instability of spherical accretion with a shock onto a compact object 93 Eremin, M. A.; Kovalenko, I. G.
Optical variability of BL Lac Object 2200+420 97 Fan, J. H.
The stellar catalogues of the Near Infrared Spectrometer (NIRS) on the Infrared Telescope in Space 101 Freund, M. M.; Matsuura, M.; Cohen, M.; Murakami, H.; Matsumoto, T.; Chan, K. W.; Yamamura, I.
Parameters of rotationally split dipole solar p-modes 105 Gavryusev, V. G.; Gavryuseva, E. A.
Observational constraints on pulsar radiation theory 109 Gil, J.
Why is the Geminga pulsar radio quiet at frequencies higher than about 100 MHz 119 Gil, J. A.; Khechinashvili, D. G.; Melikidze, G. I.
Selfconsistent model for turbulent convection: helioseismology, ages of globular clusters, and white dwarfs blue edge 123 Goldman, I.; Canuto, V. M.; Mazzitelli, I.
Radial pulsations of strange stars 127 Gondek, D.
Protoneutron stars and constraints on maximum and minimum mass of neutron stars 131 Gondek, D.; Haensel, P.; Zdunik, J. L.
Models and ISO spectra of AGB carbon stars 135 Hofner, S.; Jorgensen, U. G.; Loidl, R.; Hron, J.
Non-LTE line-blanketed model atmospheres of hot stars 139 Hubeny, I.
Metallicity distribution in the solar neighborhood and the galactic chemical evolution 143 Hou, J.; Chang, R.; Fu, C.
COROT: a space experiment for asteroseismology and search for exoplanets 149 Hua, C. T.; COROT Scientific Team
Proportion of C-rich AGB stars in the outer Galactic disk 153 Jiang, B. W.
The dwarf carbon star phenomenon 157 Jorgensen, U. G.; Borysow, A.; Hofner, S.
Three-dimensional flows in accretion disks 161 Kluiniak, W.
The last one million years of stellar evolution 169 Kwok, S.
Theoretical studies of evolved circumstellar envelopes: some recent progress 179 Leung, C. M.
Numerical study of interacting winds model using smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) 191 Li, P. S.; Thronson, H. A.; Kwok, S.
The thermal afterglow of a pulsar glitch: the non-spherical symmetric case 195 Li, Y.; Cheng, K. S.
The lower part of the instability strip: evolutionary status of Delta Scuti stars 201 Liu, Y. Y.; Baglin, A.; Auvergne, M.; Goupil, M. J.
Spectroscopy of the Beta Cephei star BW Vulpeculae 205 Liu, Z.-L.; Hao, J.-X.
Strong CP violation; invisible axions and dark matter 209 Lu, J.
Observational effects of strange stars 215 Lu, T.
The instability of a non-isothermal magnetized accretion disk with self-gravitation 225 Lu, Y.; Yang, L.; Lin, G. J.
Spallation of stellar material by ions accelerated in binary pulsars 229 Luo, Q.; Protheroe, R. J.
The chemical evolution of the secondary stars in close binaries due to common-envelope evolution and nova outbursts 233 Marks, P. B.; Sarna, M. J.; Prialnik, D.
H20 absorption in M-type stars - results from the Infrared Telescope in Space (IRTS) 237 Matsuura, M.; Freund, M. M.; Murakami, H.; Yamamura, I.; Chan, K.-W.
IRAM observations of symbiotic stars 241 Mikolajewska, J.; Omont, A.
A microscopic model of neutron star glitches 245 Mochizuki, Y. S.; Izuyama, T.; Tanihata, I.; Oyamatsu, K.
Nucleosynthesis in red giant stars: predictions versus observations 249 Mowlavi, N.
Large-eddy simulation of astrophysical convection and acoustic emission 253 Mullan, D. J.
The galactic disc age-metallicity relation 263 Ng, Y. K.
On synchronization and circularization in close binary systems 267 Pan, K.; Tan, H.; Duan, C.; Shan, H.
Reflection effect in close binaries 273 Rao, M. S.
A photometric study of the semi detached eclipsing binary RY Geminorum 277 Rao, P. V.; Sarma, M. B. K.
Gamma-ray pulsars in a modified polar CAP scenario 281 Rudak, B.; Dyks, J.
Age estimate for the neutron star in the binary system PSR J1012+5307 285 Sarna, M. J.; Antipova, J.; Muslimov, A.
Detecting substructure in stellar clusters 289 Shao, Z. Y.; Chen, L.; Zhao, J. L.
Gamma-ray pulsars and multipole fields 293 Shi, T.; Li, G.
Pulsar magnetosphere and pulsar nebulae 299 Shibata, S.
Stellar spectral classification based on principal component analysis and artificial neural networks 309 Singh, H. P.; Gupta, R.; Gulati, R. K.
Numerical simulation of penetrative convection - verifying the scaling relation between penetration distance and the vertical velocity 313 Singh, H. P.; Roxburgh, I. W.; Chan, K. L.
Accretion physics; rotation rates; and chemical abundances of cataclysmic variable white dwarfs from HST spectroscopy 317 Sion, E. M.
Starburst in NGC4736 329 Song, G. X.
Origin of the rotation rates of single white dwarfs and neutron stars 335 Spruit, H. C.
Stellar convection over a rapidly rotating core 341 Stepien, K.; Kiraga, M.; Jahn, K.; Muthsam, H. J.
Open clusters as a tracer of the star formation history of our galaxy 345 Su, C.-G.; Zhao, J.-L.; Tian, K.-P.
Hydrodynamical studies of common envelope evolution 349 Taam, R. E.; Sandquist, E.
Importance of element segregation in the sun and population II stars 359 Vauclair, S.
Near infrared observations of the star forming region S235 A-B complex 363 Wang, J.-J.; Testi, L.; Felli, M.
Contribution of accretion to the bolometric luminosity of SN1987A in late time 367 Wu, H.; Lin, X. B.; Xu, H. G.; You, J. H.
Stability of hot accretion disks in black hole X-ray binaries 373 Wu, X.-B.
A coherent ICS model for radio pulsars 377 Xu, R. X.; Qiao, G. J.
Near- and mid-infrared observations of late-type stars by the IRTS 381 Yamamura, I.; Freund, M. M.; Matsuura, M.; Chan, K.-W.; Murakami, H.; Onaka, T.; Tanabe, T.; Roellig, T. L.
ICS in pulsar polar CAP physics & an understanding of Geminga's emission behavior 385 Zhang, B.; Qiao, G. J.; Han, J. L.
Abundance patterns in metal-poor stars 389 Zhao, G.; Chen, Y. Q.
Non-thermal origin of X-rays from rotation-powered neutron stars 393 Zhang, L.; Cheng, K. S.; Gil, J.
Membership, luminosity function and mass segregation of the open cluster M11 397 Zhao, J.-L.; Su, C.-G.
Convective overshooting and stellar evolution 411 Roxburgh, I. W.