Title: A New Era in Cosmology
Volume: 283 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Metcalfe, Nigel; Shanks, Tom
ISBN: 1-58381-126-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-618-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
Studying Structure Formation with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 3 Weinberg, David H.
Studying Large-scale Structure with the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey 19 Peacock, John A.
Universal Star-Formation History from 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey Spectra 39 Glazebrook, Karl; Baldry, Ivan; The 2dFGRS Team
The 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey: The Population of Nearby Radio Galaxies at the 1 mJy Level 43 Magliocchetti, Manuela; The 2dFGRS Team
Dependence of Galaxy Clustering on Luminosity and Spectral Type 47 Norberg, Peder; The 2dFGRS Team
Variations in the Bivariate Brightness Distribution with Different Galaxy Types 51 Cross, Nicholas; Driver, Simon P.; Lemon, David; Liske, Jochen
Beyond Second-Order Statistics 56 Coles, Peter
The SDSS Quasar Survey 60 Schneider, Donald P.; Richards, Gordon T.; Fan, Xiaohui; Strauss, Michael A.; Gunn, James E.; Hall, Patrick B.; vanden Berk, Daniel E.; York, Donald G.; The SDSS Collaboration
The 2dF QSO Redshift Survey 72 Boyle, Brian J.; Croom, Scott M.; Shanks, Tom; Outram, Phil J.; Smith, Robert J.; Miller, Lance; Loaring, Nicola S.
The QSO Power Spectrum 78 Outram, Phil J.; Shanks, Tom; Boyle, Brian J.; Croom, Scott M.; Hoyle, Fiona; Loaring, Nicola S.; Miller, Lance; Smith, Robert J.
Statistical Lensing in the 2QZ 82 Myers, Adam; Shanks, Tom; Outram, Phil J.; 2dF Qso Redshift Team
AGN-Galaxy Clustering with the Panoramic Deep Fields 86 Brown, Michael J. I.
Studying the LSS Through Weak Gravitational Lensing Maps 90 Guimarães, Antonio C. C.
Growing Supermassive Black Holes at the Centre of Galaxies 95 Haehnelt, Martin G.
Different Views of the Evolution of Galaxies and Large Scale Structure 107 Jannuzi, Buell T.
The Evolution of Binary SMBHs Population in Hierarchical Clustering Cosmologies 111 Volonteri, Marta; Haardt, Francesco; Madau, Piero
FIRES: First Results of the MS 1054-03 Field 115 Förster Schreiber, Natascha M.; Labbé, Ivo; Franx, Marijn; van der Werf, Paul; Röttgering, Huub; van Starkenburg, Lottie; van de Wel, Arjen; van Dokkum, Pieter; Kuijken, Koen; Moorwood, Alan; Rix, Hans-Walter; Rudnick, Gregory
The Millennium Galaxy Catalogue 117 Lemon, David J.; Liske, Jochen; Driver, Simon P.; Cross, Nicholas J. G.
The Evolution of Radio Galaxy Emission Line Regions: Breaking the P-z Degeneracy 121 Inskip, Katherine J.; Longair, Malcolm S.; Best, Philip N.
The VIRMOS-VLA Radio Survey 123 Bondi, Marco; Gregorini, Loretta; Vettolani, Giampaolo; Parma, Paola; Ciliegi, Paolo; Zamorani, Gianni; de Ruiter, Hans; Le Fèvre, Olivier
Large Scale Galaxy Distribution in the SDSS 125 Doroshkevich, Andrei; Tucker, Douglas; Allam, Sahar
Quasar Clustering Redshift Distortion Constraints on Dark Energy 127 Calvão, Maurício O.; de Mello Neto, João R. T.; Waga, Ioav
The Large Zenith Telescope Survey: A Deep Survey Using a 6-m Liquid Mirror Telescope 129 Cabanac, Rémi A.; Hickson, Paul; de Lapparent, Valérie
The Different Clustering of Red and Blue Galaxies: A Robust Signal from ω(&thetas;) 132 Cabanac, Rémi A.; de Lapparent, Valérie; Hickson, Paul
Selection Effects in Surface Brightness in Deep Surveys 135 Angeretti, Luca; Pozzetti, Lucia; Zamorani, Gianni
A New Era in the Cosmic Microwave Background: the CMB in 2002 141 Jaffe, Andrew H.
High Redshift Galaxies and the SZ Effect 154 Rosa-González, D.; Terlevich, E.; Gaztañaga, E.; Terlevich, R.; Friaça, A.
Cosmological Parameter Estimation from CMB and X-ray clusters 156 Douspis, Marian; Blanchard, Alain; Sadat, Rachida; Bartlett, James G.
Aspects of Vacuum Energy 158 Jackson, John C.
Are Cosmological N-body Simulations Reliable on Scales Below the Mean Separation Length of Particles ? 160 Hamana, Takashi
Baryon Oscillations in the Large Scale Structure 162 Cooray, Asantha
New Era in Likelihood Analyses of the Local Group Acceleration 164 Chodorowski, Michal; Ciecielag, Pawel
Lensing Results from the Red-sequence Cluster Survey 169 Hoekstra, Henk; Yee, Howard; Gladders, Mike
CDM and Strong Lensing: Concord or Conflict? 173 Keeton, Charles R.
Constraining Galaxy Halo Shapes with Weak Lensing 177 Brainerd, Tereasa G.; Oaxaca Wright, Candace
A Hubble Space Telescope Survey of X-ray Luminous Galaxy Clusters: Gravitationally Lensed Arcs and EROs 181 Smith, Graham P.
A Weak Gravitational Lensing Study of Abell 1689 186 King, Lindsay J.
LENSCLEANing JVAS B0218+357 to Determine H0 190 Wucknitz, Olaf
Cosmic Shear with Keck: Systematic Effects 193 Massey, Richard; Bacon, David; Refregier, Alexandre; Ellis, Richard
Evidence for Structure in Cluster Weak Lensing Maps 195 Marshall, Phil J.; Hobson, Mike P.; Gull, Stephen F.; Bridle, Sarah L.
The Lensing System Towards the Quasar SBS1520+530 197 Faure, Cécile
Cluster Evolution and Constraints on Ωm 201 Rosati, Piero; Borgani, Stefano
Are Clusters Standard Candles? Using Galaxy Cluster Scaling Relations for Cosmology 214 Verde, Licia; Haiman, Zoltan; Spergel, David N.
Cooling Flows: Rumours of Death Greatly Exaggerated 218 Edge, Alastair C.
X-ray Clusters of Galaxies at High Redshifts 0.7 < z < 1 223 Jones, Laurence R.; Maughan, Ben J.; Ebeling, Harald; Perlman, Eric; Frye, Chris; Scharf, Caleb
Constraints on the ΩM - ΩΛ-plane from Elliptical Galaxy Counts ? 227 Driver, Simon P.
A Huge Structure at z=0.27 Traced by Radio Sources 231 Hill, Gary J.; Bergmann, Marcel; Tufts, Joseph R.; Brand, Katherine; Rawlings, Steve; Lacy, Mark
A Large Scale Structure Surrounding a z = 0.4 Cluster Traced by SUBARU 235 Kodama, Taddy; Smail, Ian; Nakata, Fumiaki; Okamura, Sadanori; Bower, Richard G.
On the Merit of Observations Beyond the Cluster Core 240 Pimbblet, Kevin A.
The LX - T Relations for Groups and Clusters 242 Chen, Li; Jia, Shu-Mei; Wang, Xiao-Feng; Li, Zong-Wei
Searching for Clusters of Galaxies with SUMSS 245 Buttery, Helen J.; Cotter, Garret; Hunstead, Richard W.; Sadler, Elaine M.
The Status of the Hubble Constant 249 Freedman, Wendy L.
Cepheids, Supernovae, H0, and the Age of the Universe 258 Tammann, Gustav A.; Reindl, Bernd; Thim, Frank; Saha, Abhijit; Sandage, Allan
Cepheid, Tully-Fisher and SNIa Distances 274 Shanks, Tom; Allen, Paul D.; Hoyle, Fiona; Tanvir, Nial R.
Testing the Supernova, Cepheid, and Early-type Galaxy Distance Scales 280 Blakeslee, John P.
A Robust Method for Measuring the Hubble Constant 285 Hendry, Martin A.
Supernovae in Deep Hubble Space Telescope Galaxy Cluster Fields: Cluster Rates and Field Counts 289 Gal-Yam, Avishay; Maoz, Dan; Sharon, Keren
Types of Type Ia Supernovae at Low and High Redshift 293 Meikle, Peter
A Possible Revision of Current Cosmological Constraints from Type Ia Supernovae 301 Wang, Xiao-Feng; Chen, Li; Li, Zong-Wei
Galactic Halo Cusp Versus Core: Tidal Effects in Mergers 307 Dekel, Avishai; Devor, Jonathan; Arad, Itai
Slow Relative Motion of IRAS Galaxies at Small Separations: Implications for Galaxy Formation Models 314 Jing, Yi-Peng; Börner, Gerhard; Suto, Yasushi
Early Structure Formation and the Epoch of First Light 318 Madau, Piero
Primordial Galaxy Formation and IGM Reionization 330 Ciardi, Benedetta
A Semi-analytic Model of Halo Dynamics 334 Taylor, James E.; Babul, Arif
The Physical Origin of the Blue Cores in HDFs E/SO Galaxies 337 Menanteau, Felipe
The Galaxy Merger Rate in Different Quintessence Cosmologies 339 Khochfar, Sadegh; Burkert, Andreas
Emission From Dust In Galaxies and Cosmic Star-formation History 341 Kamaya, Hideyuki; Hirashita, Hiroyuki; Inoue, Akio K.; Shibai, Hiroshi
The Growth of Galaxies in Cosmological Simulations 343 Choi, Jun-Hwan; Katz, Neal; Murali, Chigurupati; Weinberg, David; Davé, Romeel; Hernquist, Lars
The Tully-Fisher Relation of Distant Cluster Spirals 346 Milvang-Jensen, Bo; Aragón-Salamanca, Alfonso; Hau, George; Jørgensen, Inger; Hjorth, Jens
When did the Large Elliptical Galaxies Form? 351 Peebles, P. James E.
Do Galaxies Form at High Redshift? 361 Metcalfe, Nigel; Shanks, Tom; Fong, Dick; McCracken, Henry J.; Campos, Ana; Gardner, Jon P.; Thompson, David
Physical Conditions in Lyman Break Galaxies Derived From Rest-Frame UV Spectra 365 Shapley, Alice E.; Steidel, Charles C.; Adelberger, Kurt L.; Pettini, Max
WFCAM, UKIDSS, and z = 7 Quasars 369 Warren, Steve; Hewett, Paul
A Best Fit Evolution Scenario for the SCUBA Galaxies 373 Chapman, Scott C.; Lewis, Geraint F.; Helou, George
The Clustering of X-ray and sub-mm Sources 377 Almaini, Omar
The Near-Infrared Hubble Diagram for sub-mm Galaxies 381 Dunlop, James S.
On the Nature of the Extremely Red Galaxies 385 Mannucci, Filippo
HST Imaging of an Old Galaxy Group at z = 1.55 389 Bunker, Andrew; Spinrad, Hyron; McLure, Ross; Dey, Arjun; Dunlop, James; Peacock, John; Stern, Daniel; Thompson, Rodger; Waddington, Ian; Windhorst, Rogier
Near-IR Integral Field Spectroscopy of High-z Galaxies 392 Bunker, Andrew; Ferguson, Annette; Johnson, Rachel; McMahon, Richard; Parry, Ian; Pettini, Max; Aragón-Salamanca, Alfonso; Somerville, Rachel; Vogt, Nicole
Modeling of Dust and Gas in Low-Metallicity Galaxies 394 Hirashita, Hiroyuki; Ferrara, Andrea; Hunt, Leslie K.
The Contribution of the First Stars to the Cosmic Infrared Background 396 Santos, Michael R.; Bromm, Volker; Kamionkowski, Marc
Millimeter-Wave Cosmology with Bolocam: Discovering Galaxies and Clusters with Deep, Unbiased Surveys 398 Glenn, Jason; Knowles, Benjamin; Rownd, Brooks K.; Edgington, Samantha F.; Golwala, Sunil; Lange, Andrew E.; Bock, James J.; Goldin, Alexey; Nguyen, Hien; Ade, Peter A. R.; Haig, Douglas; Mauskopf, Philip D.