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Paper: Role of Large-scale Magnetic Fields and Material Flows in the Formation of Filaments and Filament Channels
Volume: 346, Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Page: 177
Authors: Mackay, D.
Abstract: In this review paper we discuss the role of large-scale magnetic fields and material flows in the formation of solar filaments and filament channels. Particular attention is paid to the type of magnetic configurations within which filaments form. Observations of the formation of filaments are described along with the wide variety of theoretical models and mechanisms which have been put forward to explain filament formation. Simulations are presented which consider the origin of the large-scale hemispheric pattern that exists for the axial magnetic fields within filaments. The role that mass motions play in filament formation is introduced from both observational and theoretical viewpoints. A summary concludes with recommendations for future observing programs which would advance our understanding of the formation mechanism of filaments.
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