Title: Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Volume: 346 Year: 2005 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Sankarasubramanian, K.; Penn, M.; Pevtsov, A.
ISBN: 1-58381-214-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-280-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 346 Cover National Solar Observatory; Big Bear Observatory; Sankarasubramanian, K.; Penn, M.; Pevtsov, A.
Front Matter   
Volume 346 Front Matter 1 Sankarasubramanian, K.; Penn, M.; Pevtsov, A.
Conference Photograph   
Volume 346 Conference Photograph 2 Sankarasubramanian, K.; Penn, M.; Pevtsov, A.
Part 1.
Large-scale Circulation in the Convection Zone and Photosphere
Large-scale Transport of Magnetic Flux and Flows in Solar Convection Zone 3 Ambroz, P.
How Large-scale Flows may Influence Solar Activity? 19 Hathaway, D.
Large-scale Flows in Subsurface Layers 33 Komm, R.; Howe, R.; Hernandez, I.G.; Hill, F.; Toner, C.
Photospheric Surface Flows and Sunspot Moats 41 Hagenaar, M.
On the Characteristic Scales of Solar Convection 47 Sridharan, R.
CALAS, A Camera for the Large-scale of the Solar Surface 53 Meunier, N.; Rondi, S.; Tkaczuk, R.; Rieutord, M.; Beigbeder, F.
Part 2.
Solar Dynamo
Large-scale Organization in the Solar Dynamo and its Observational Signature 61 Dikpati, M.
Fighting the Taylor-Proudman Constraint - How to Get Differential Rotation Solar-like? 75 Rempel, M.
What does the Solar Differential Rotation tell us about Large-scale Waves? 83 Kaghashvilii, E.; Webb, G.; Zank, G.
Coherent Structures vs Independent Modes of the Axisymmetric Magnetic Field Fluctuations 91 Cadavid, A.; Lawrence, J.; McDonald, D.; Ruzmaikin, A.
How Sensitive are Rotation Inversions to Subtle Features of the Dynamo? 99 Howe, R.; Rempel, M.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Schou, J.; Thompson, M.; Komm, R.; Hill, F.
Influence of Depth-dependent Diffusivity Profiles in Governing the Evolution of Weak, Large-scale Magnetic Fields of the Sun 107 Zita, E.; Song, N.; McDonald, E.; Dikpati, M.
Jets in the Solar Tachocline as Diagnostics of Global MHD Processes 115 Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.; Cobard, T.; Dikpati, M.; Gilman, P.; Thompson, M.
Part 3.
Complexes of Activity, Activity Nests, and Connectivity in the Solar Corona
The Formation and Evolution of Complexes of Activity, Activity Nests, and the Large-scale Connectivity in the Solar Corona 129 Benevolenskaya, E.
Coronal Emission Lines Linear Polarization: a Tracer of Coronal Magnetic Fields Topology 145 Arnaud, J.
Low Frequency (< 100MHz) Thermal Radio Emission from the Solar Corona and the Effect of Radial Magnetic Field 153 Ramesh, R.; Sastry, Ch.
Large-scale Non-axisymmetric Magnetic Fields on the Sun and Cool Stars 159 Berdyugina, S.
Interpretation of Solar and Stellar Activity in terms of Dynamo Modes 167 Fluri, D.; Berdyugina, S.
Part 4.
Filaments and Filament Channels
Role of Large-scale Magnetic Fields and Material Flows in the Formation of Filaments and Filament Channels 177 Mackay, D.
Motions and Interactions among Large-scale Solar Structures on H-Alpha Synoptic Charts 193 McIntosh, P.
Formation of an Extraordinarily Long Filament Channel 201 Anderson, M.; Martin, S.
The Internal Structures and Dynamics of Solar Quiescent Prominences 211 Petrie, G.; Low, B.
Accumulation of Filament Material at the Boundaries of Supergranular Cells 219 Pevtsov, A.; Neidig, D.
Part 5.
Magnetic Field and Flows in Open Magnetic Structures
Magnetic Fields and Flows in Open Magnetic Structures 229 Jones, H.
Radio and EUV Measurements of the Equatorial Coronal Hole of February 25, 1999 245 Subramanian, K.; Sundaram, G.S.
Multi-wavelength Observations of Coronal Holes 251 de Toma, G.; Arge, C.
Automated Coronal Hole Detection using He I 1083 nm Spectroheliograms and Photospheric Magnetograms 261 Henney, C.; Harvey, J.
The Chromospheric Prolateness and its Variations 269 Vilinga, J.; Koutchmy, S.
Magnetic Field Reversal of the Sun in Polarization of Radio Emission at 17GHz 281 Tlatov, A.; Gelfreikh, G.; Makarov, V.
Part 6.
Eruptive Phenomenon
Large-scale Organizations Related to Eruptive Phenomena on the Solar Surface 289 Lin, J.
On Magnetic Structures of Solar Active Regions and Geomagnetic Storms 305 Liu, Y.
Multiple Large-scale MHD Shocks Related Radio Emission at Decameter Wavelengths 313 Ebenezer, E.
Genesis of AR NOAA10314 317 Morita, S.; McIntosh, S.
The Solar Flare and CME Induced as a Collision of Two Opposite Polarities on 1997 May 12 327 Bharti, L.; Jain, R.; Joshi, C.; Jaafferey, S.
Part 7.
Influence of Small-scale Processes in the Formation and Evolution of Large-scale Strutures and Vice Versa
Influence of Small-scale Dynamics on Large-scale Solar Activity 337 DeRosa, M.
Quiet Sun unaffected by Activity Cycle 353 Livingston, W.; Gray, D.; Wallace, L.; White, O.
Three Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Solar Convection on MultiProcessors Supercomputer Systems 357 Ustyugov, S.
Large-scale Structures in Distribution of Coronal Bright Points 363 Sattarov, I.; Pevtsov, A.; Karachik, N.; Sattarova, B.
Part 8.
Comparison of the Stream Structure and Coronal Sources of the Solar Wind During the April 7 & May 12, 1997 Halo CMEs 371 Arge, C.; deToma, G.; Luhmann, J.
Magnetically Preferred Solar Longitudes: Reality? 381 Henney, C.; Durney, B.
High Spectral Resolution Study of the He 10830 Spectral Region 389 Malanushenko, O.; Livingston, W.; Jones, H.; Malanushenko, V.
Active Longitudes in Distribution of EIT Bright Points 395 Sattarov, I.; Pevtsov, A.; Karachik, N.; Sattarova, B.
Sunspot Cycle 24: Smallest Cycle in 100 Years? 401 Svalgaard, L.; Cliver, E.; Kamide, Y.
22-Year Variations of the Solar Rotation 409 Tlatov, A.; Makarov, V.
Indices of Solar Activity in Minimum of Sunspot Cycles 415 Tlatov, A.; Makarov, V.
The Observed MnI 539.47 nm Spectral Line in Three Sunspots of the NOAA 0431 Complex Active Region 423 Vince, O.; Vince, I.
Back Matter   
Volume 346 Back Matter 431 Sankarasubramanian, K.; Penn, M.; Pevtsov, A.