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Paper: Active Longitudes in Distribution of EIT Bright Points
Volume: 346, Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Page: 395
Authors: Sattarov, I.; Pevtsov, A.; Karachik, N.; Sattarova, B.
Abstract: Using a previously developed automatic procedure for identifying coronal bright points (BPs) in EIT/Fe XII 195Å data, we study longitudinal and latitudinal distributions of EUV BPs on solar surface near the minimum of the solar activity cycle in 1996. Longitudinal distributions indicate the presence of active longitudes in coronal BPs. Latitudinal distributions are asymmetric relative to the equator and show secondary peaks associated with areas of emerging flux. We find this result as suggestive of two types of coronal BPs: quiet Sun and active Sun BPs.
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