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Paper: Magnetic Field Reversal of the Sun in Polarization of Radio Emission at 17GHz
Volume: 346, Large-scale Structures and their Role in Solar Activity
Page: 281
Authors: Tlatov, A.; Gelfreikh, G.; Makarov, V.
Abstract: The distribution of polarized component of the solar radio emission at wavelength of λ = 1:76 cm over the solar disk was studied using the observations of the Nobeyama radio heliograph. The latitude-time diagrams of the circular polarization were constructed for the period of the years 1992-2003. The method of averaging has been applied for the noise reduction using several images per day and a filtration of images. The high-altitude drifts of the polarized radio emission have been allocated both at latitude band of sunspots and at higher latitudes. The magnetic field reversal of the large-scale magnetic field was found as manifested in polarization of radio emission of the Sun during cycles of solar activity numbers 22-23. The analysis of polarization of radio emission for the structures of various brightness temperature has been carried out. Comparison of the radio method of analysis of the global variation of the solar magnetic fields with the phase of cycle with the results found from the optical observations confirmed its effectiveness.
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