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Paper: The SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey
Volume: 364, The Future of Photometric, Spectrophotometric, and Polarimetric Standardization
Page: 177
Authors: Keller, S.; Bessell, M.; Schmidt, B.; Francis, P.
Abstract: SkyMapper is an automated 1.3-m telescope with an 5.7-square degree field of view being built at Siding Spring Observatory. It will have 16K×16K 0.5-arcsec pixels and conduct a multi-color (u; vs; g; r; i; z), multiepoch (4hr, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 yr sampling) survey of the southerly 2π steradian to below 22 magnitude. It will provide star and galaxy photometry to better than 3% global accuracy and astrometry to better than 50 mas. Data will be supplied without proprietary period as part of Virtual Observatory work. The survey will take 5 years to complete.
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