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Paper: Spectrophotometric Calibration of the 10-m GTC Telescope at La Palma Observatory
Volume: 364, The Future of Photometric, Spectrophotometric, and Polarimetric Standardization
Page: 289
Authors: Di Cesare, M.A.; Hammersley, P.L.; Rodrguez-Espinosa, J.M.
Abstract: We propose a calibration plan for the GTC based on techniques similar to the ones used for space calibration. After studying the telescope and instrument requirements, and observing during intensive campaigns we have begun to prepare the GTC catalogue of standard stars. In this article we show the calibration strategy for the telescope and the scientific instruments in the range between 0.3 and 2.7 microns. We present a sample of the results obtained and some annalysis of the data.
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