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Paper: On the Calibration of Multi-object Spectrographs
Volume: 364, The Future of Photometric, Spectrophotometric, and Polarimetric Standardization
Page: 295
Authors: Nonino, M.; Bono, G.; Monelli, M.; Thevenin, F.; Francois, P.; Buonanno, R.; Corsi, C.E.; Iannicola, G.; Ferraro, I.; Pulone, L.; Moehler, S.; Smith, H.A.; Stetson, P.B.; Walker, A.R.
Abstract: We present an extensive spectroscopic investigation of evolved old- and intermediate-age stellar tracers of the Carina dSph galaxy. We discuss the approach we devised to calibrate the two European Southern Observatory multi-object spectrographs (FLAMES, FORS2). Pros and cons of the two instruments are also mentioned. Finally, we present preliminary results concerning the radial velocity distribution of the entire star sample (∼ 1460 objects).
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