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Paper: Standardization and the Enhancement of Infrared Precision
Volume: 364, The Future of Photometric, Spectrophotometric, and Polarimetric Standardization
Page: 387
Authors: Milone, E.F.; Young, A.T.
Abstract: The standardization of infrared photometry is poorly practiced at present. Papers containing infrared photometry typically provide minimal details of the passband system that was used to obtain the observations. Lack of proper extinction and full standardization in the intermediate infrared is, in fact, so rampant as to merit characterizing the situation as “atrocious.” However, the work begun by the IRWG in 1988 at the Joint Commission meeting of IAU Commissions 25 and 9 in Baltimore that produced a new passband system has borne fruit and spawned at least one offshoot system, as enlightened IR astronomers confront the standardization problem. In this paper, we review the basic problem and the solution we found, and describe the appropriate steps to realize the high precision and accuracy that this development can bring to infrared photometry.
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