Title: Cosmic Dust—Near and Far
Volume: 414 Year: 2009 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Henning, Thomas; Grün, Eberhard; Steinacker, Jürgen
Cosmic dust traces a wide range of physical and chemical processes, ranging from the solar system to the high-redshift universe. Infrared and millimeter radiation from dust grains has served as the best tool to detect and characterize structures from proto-planetary discs around nearby brown dwarfs to distant quasars. Analysis of the first cometary dust particles collected have opened exciting new views on individual cosmic dust particles. Solid particles play an enormously important role in the life cycle of cosmic matter by providing the surface on which chemical reactions take place. They also interact with radiation, cosmic rays, and gas particles to determine the thermal, ionization, and dynamical state of matter.

These proceedings summarize the results of the international conference "Cosmic Dust—Near and Far" that was held at the Convention Center in Heidelberg, Germany, from September 8–12, 2008. The goal of the meeting was to bring together researchers in the various fields of astrophysics in which dust is a ma-jor player in our understanding of cosmic evolution. The meeting covered new findings and future pros-pects for cosmic dust research in environments as diverse as the solar system, brown dwarf and plane-tary atmospheres, evolved stars, supernovae, the Milky Way and other galaxies, and the early universe. Observational results, theoretical models, and the outcome of laboratory experiments were discussed during the meeting, and their implications for future ground-based facilities and space missions have been highlighted.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front matter   
Volume Cover Henning, Thomas; Gruen, Eberhard; Steinacker, Juergen
Front matter 1 Henning, Thomas; Gruen, Eberhard; Steinacker, Juergen
Conference Photograph 1 Henning, Thomas; Gruen, Eberhard; Steinacker, Juergen
Part I. Dust around Evolved Stars and Supernovae   
Dust Formation and Winds around Evolved Stars: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Cases 3 Höfner, S.
Dust Formation Observed in Young Supernova Remnants with Spitzer 22 Rho, J.; Reach, W. T.; Tappe, A.; Rudnick, L.; Kozasa, T.; Hwang, U.; Andersen, M.; Gomez, H.; DeLaney, T.; Dunne, L.; Slavin, J.
Primordial Massive Supernovae as Molecular Factories at High Redshifts 36 Cherchneff, I.
Dust in Supernovae: Formation and Evolution 43 Kozasa, T.; Nozawa, T.; Tominaga, N.; Umeda, H.; Maeda, K.; Nomoto, K.
Dust Formation and Survival in Supernova Ejecta 65 Bianchi, S.; Schneider, R.; Valiante, R.
Mineralization, Grain Growth, and Disk Structure: Observations of the Evolution of Dust in Protoplanetary Disks 77 Watson, D.
Observational evidence for dust growth in proto-planetary discs 99 Meeus, G.
PAH Emission from Disks around Intermediate-Mass Stars: The Peculiar Aroma of Hydrocarbons Orbiting Herbig Ae/Be Stars 107 Keller, L. D.; Sloan, G. C.
The Role of Dust Clouds in the Atmospheres of Brown Dwarfs 115 Burrows, A.
The Chemical Evolution of Dust and Gas in Substellar Atmospheres 125 Helling, C.
Hydrous-Carbonaceous Meteoroids in the Hadean Aeon 137 Maurette, M.
Stardust in Meteorites and IDPs: Current Status, Recent Advances, and Future Prospects 148 Hoppe, P.
Comet Samples Returned by Stardust, Insight into the Origin of Comets and Crystalline Silicates in Disks 157 Brownlee, D. E.; Joswiak, D.; Matrajt, G.; Tsou, P.
Cometary Dust Collected by Stardust and in the Stratosphere – Differences and Similarities 168 Stephan, T.
The Cycle of Dust in the Milky Way: Clues from the High-Redshift and Local Universe 183 Dwek, E.; Galliano, F.; Jones, A.
Modeling of Dust Evolution in the Interstellar Medium 199 Zhukovska, S.; Gail, H.-P.
Dust in Clusters of Galaxies 209 Giard, M.; Pointecouteau, E.; Montier, L.; Simmat, E.
Dust in External Galaxies 214 Calzetti, D.
Unidentified Infrared Bands Associated with Extended Structures of Galaxies Based on AKARI Observations 227 Onaka, T.Kaneda, H.Sakon, I.; Matsumoto, H.
Carbon Abundances in Interstellar Gas and Dust 236 Sofia, U. J.; Parvathi, V. S.
Origin and Nature of Dust in the Early Universe 247 Nozawa, T.; Kozasa, T.; Umeda, H.; Hirashita, H.; Maeda, K.; Nomoto, K.; Tominaga, N.; Habe, A.; Dwek, E.; Takeuchi, T. T.; Ishii, T. T.
The Effect of Dust Scattered Light on the Distance Estimate to SN Type Ia 266 Fischera, J.; Schmidt, B.
Probing Dust with Gamma-Ray Bursts 277 Watson, D.
Dust in the Early (z>1) Universe 287 Walter, F.
Analogs of Cosmic Dust 319 Jäger, C.; Mutschke, H.; Henning, Th.; Huisken, F.
Formation of Amorphous H2O Ice from the Reactions of Cold H Atoms with Solid O2 at 10 K 338 Kouchi, A.; Watanabe, N.; Hidaka, H.; Miyauchi, N.; Oba, Y.; Chigai, T.
Growth and Disruption of Dust Aggregates by Collisions 347 Wada, K.; Tanaka, H.; Suyama, T.; Kimura, H.; Yamamoto, T.
Optical Properties of Dust Grains in the Infrared: Our View on Cosmic Dust 356 Min, M.
Some Properties of the Spectral Emissivity of the Dust in the Submillimeter/Millimeter 372 Dupac, X.
Laboratory Studies of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: the Search for Interstellar Candidates 383 Joblin, C.; Berné, O.; Simon, A.; Mulas, G.
Laboratory Condensation and Reaction of Silicate Dust 403 Nagahara, H.; Ogawa, R.; Ozawa, K.; Tamada, S.; Tachibana, S.; Chiba, H.
Interstellar Ices 411 Dartois, E.
Laboratory Studies of the Hydrogen-Carbon Grains Interaction: Application to the Evolution of the Interstellar Carbonaceous Matter and to Molecular Hydrogen Formation 428 Mennella, V.
IR Spectroscopic Measurements of Free-Flying Silicate Dust Grains 438 Tamanai, A.; Mutschke, H.; Blum, J.
Interstellar Dust Models and Evolutionary Implications 453 Draine, B. T.
The Cycle of Carbon Dust in the ISM 473 Jones, A. P.
Quantitative Theory of Grain Alignment: Probing Grain Environment and Grain Composition 482 Lazarian, A.
Physical Processes: Dust Coagulation and Fragmentation 494 Dominik, C.
Levitation of Dust at the Surface of Protoplanetary Disks 509 Wurm, G.; Haack, H.
Conference Summary: Where Do We Stand? 522 Witt, A. N.
Part IX. List of Posters   
List of Posters 533 Henning, Thomas; Gruen, Eberhard; Steinacker, Juergen
Back matter 544 Henning, Thomas; Gruen, Eberhard; Steinacker, Juergen
Conference Photos 999 Henning, Thomas; Gruen, Eberhard; Steinacker, Juergen