Title: 8th International Conference of Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM 2013)
Volume: 488 Year: 2014 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Pogorelov, N. V.; Audit, E.; Zank, G. P.

8th Annual International Conference
Biarritz, France
1-5 July 2013

This Volume contains the Proceedings of ASTRONUM-2013, the eighth in a series of international conferences organized by the Center for Space Plasma and Aeronomic Research at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and Maison de la Simulation, a joint laboratory affiliated with the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA), University of Paris-Sud, and University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ).

The subjects of the conference included such topics as turbulence and cosmic ray transportation, astrophysical and space plasma flows, kinetic and hybrid simulations, numerical methods, algorithms, and frameworks. All of these topics are of great importance to scientists investigating solar structure, the heliosphere, the Sun-Earth connection, and various other astrophysical phenomena.

The scientific problems discussed at the conference are characterized by different temporal and spatial scales, regions, or particle populations, for which different sets of defining equations or concepts are necessary to understand the physical systems in their entirety. This book will be of interest to specialists in applied mathematics, astrophysics, space physics, and computer science working on the application of novel numerical algorithms to contemporary problems arising in these fields. It will also be useful to graduate students who want to get acquainted with the fundamental approaches to solving the magnetohydrodynamics and kinetic equations governing space plasma flows.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Book Cover
Front Matter   
Front Mater 1 Pogorelov, N. V.; Audit, E.; Zank, G. P.
Part I. Turbulence and Cosmic Ray Transport   
Testing Observational Tracers of Turbulence with Numerical Simulations: Measuring the Sonic Mach Number in Molecular Clouds 3 Burkhart, B.; Lazarian, A.; Correia, C.; Ossenkopf, V.; Stutzki, J.; de Medeiros, J. R.
Fermi Acceleration in Magnetic Reconnection Sites 8 de Gouveia Dal Pino, E. M.; Kowal, G.; Lazarian, A.
Numerical Modeling of Anomalous Transport of Cosmic Rays 17 Fichtner, H.; Stern, R.; Effenberger, F.
Reconnection in Turbulent Astrophysical Fluids 23 Lazarian, A.; Eyink, G.; Vishniac, E.; Kowal, G.
Charged Particle Transport in Turbulent Media 35 Spanier, F.; Ivascenko, A.; Lange, S.; Schreiner, C.
Nonlinear Transport of Cosmic Rays in Turbulent Magnetic Field 41 Yan, H.; Xu, S.
Part II. Astrophysical Flows   
Tilted Disk Formation in Intermediate Polars 51 Bisikalo, D. V.; Zhilkin, A. G.
Cosmic Magnetic Fields from Torsion Modes and Massive Photon Inflation 57 Garcia de Andrade, L. C.
Growth of Magnetic Field in the Large-scale Structure of the Universe 65 Cho, J.
The Influence of Frequency-dependent Radiative Transfer on Radiative Shock Precursors 71 González, M.; Vaytet, N.; Audit, E.; Chabrier, G.
Gas Acceleration by Fast Dust Particles and the Dusty Rayleigh–Taylor Instability 77 Hendrix, T.; Keppens, R.
3D Gray Radiative Properties of a Radiation Hydrodynamic Model of a YSO Accretion Shock 83 Ibgui, L.; de Sá, L.; Stehlé, C.; Chièze, J.-P.; Orlando, S.; Hubeny, I.; Lanz, T.; Matsakos, T.; González, M.; Bonito, R.
Physical Properties of Gaseous Features in Barred Galaxies: Effects of the Bar Strength 90 Kim, W.-T.; Seo, W.-Y.; Kim, Y.
Numerical Treatment of Dust Diffusion in Dusty Proto-Planetary Disks 96 Li, S.; Li, H.
Two- and Three-Dimensional Multi-Physics Simulations of Core Collapse Supernovae: A Brief Status Report and Summary of Results from the “Oak Ridge” Group 102 Mezzacappa, A.; Bruenn, S. W.; Lentz, E. J.; Hix, W. R.; Messer, O. E. B.; Harris, J. A.; Lingerfelt, E. J.; Endeve, E.; Yakunin, K. N.; Blondin, J. M.; Marronetti, P.
Challenges in Computing Thermal and Non-thermal Emission from Relativistic Outflows 114 Mimica, P.; Aloy, M. A.; Cuesta-Martínez, C.; Aloy, C.
Fluid Instabilities in the Crab Nebula Jet: Results from Numerical Simulations 120 Mignone, A.; Striani, E.; Bodo, G.; Anjiri, M.
Simulations of Accretion onto Magnetized Stars: Results of 3D MHD Simulations and 3D Radiative Transfer 127 Romanova, M.; Kurosawa, R.
Magnetized Neutron Stars in the Interstellar Medium 134 Toropina, O. D.; Romanova, M. M.; Lovelace, R. V.E.
Simulation of Microquasars: The Challenge of Scales 141 Walder, R.; Melzani, M.; Folini, D.; Winisdoerffer, C.; Favre, J. M.
Part III. Space Plasma Flows   
MHD Modeling of the Kink “Double-gradient” Branch of the Ballooning Instability in the Magnetotail 149 Korovinskiy, D.; Divin, A.; Ivanova, V.; Erkaev, N.; Semenov, V.; Ivanov, I.; Biernat, H.; Lapenta, G.; Markidis, S.
Parallel-cascade-based Mechanisms for Heating Solar Coronal Loops: Test Against Observations 155 Li, B.; Xie, H.; Li, X.; Xia, L.-D.
Advances in Multiscale Simulations of Solar Wind Interactions with the Earth's Magnetosphere 161 Omelchenko, Y. A.; Karimabadi, H.; Vu, H. X.
Time-dependent Processes in the Sheath Between the Heliospheric Termination Shock and the Heliopause 167 Pogorelov, N. V.; Borovikov, S. N.; Heerikhuisen, J.; Kim, T. K.; Zank, G.P.
Energy Analysis During the Collision of Two Successive CMEs 179 Shen, F.; Shen, C.; Wang, Y.; Feng, X.; Xiang, C.
MHD Simulations: Corotating Interaction Regions 186 Wiengarten, T.; Kleimann, J.; Fichtner, H.; Kissmann, R.
3D Global Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of the Solar Wind/Earth's Magnetosphere Interaction 192 Yalim, M. S.; Poedts, S.
Part IV. Kinetic, Particle, and Hybrid Simulations   
Energetic Particle Transport with Stochastic Differential Equations: General Methods and the Extension to Anomalous Diffusion Regimes 201 Effenberger, F.
Part V. Numerical Methods, Algorithms, and Frameworks   
Solving the 3+1 GRMHD Equations in the eXtended Conformally Flat Condition: the XNS Code for Magnetized Neutron Stars 211 Bucciantini, N.; Pili, A. G.; Del Zanna, L.
High-order Schemes for Non-ideal 3+1 GRMHD: A Study of the Kinematic Dynamo Process in Accretion Tori 217 Del Zanna, L.; Bugli, M.; Bucciantini, N.
Dual Time Stepping Method For three-dimensional MHD With Splitting Based Scheme 223 Feng, X.; Fu, H.
Structure Preserving Schemes 231 Käppeli, R.; Mishra, S.
Performance of Improved High-order Filter Schemes for Turbulent Flows with Shocks 237 Kotov, D. V.; Yee, H. C.; Sjögreen, B.
Improved Time Integration for WENO Methods in Astrophysical Applications 243 Kupka, F.; Grimm–Strele, H.; Happenhofer, N.; Higueras, I.; Koch, O.; Muthsam, H.J.
Building a Numerical Relativistic Non-ideal Magnetohydrodynamics Code for Astrophysical Applications 249 Aranguren, S. M.; Aloy, M.A.; Aloy-Torás, C.
A New Two-moment Scheme with Algebraic Closure for Energy-dependent Multi-flavor Neutrino Transport in Supernovae 255 Obergaulinger, M.; Just, O.; Janka, H.-T.; Aloy, M. A.; Aloy, C.
On the Existence and Non-uniqueness of Solutions of Riemann Problems in Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics 261 Takahashi, K.; Yamada, S.
A New Numerical Scheme for Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics with Dissipation and Its Application 267 Takamoto, M.
High Order Schemes in BATS-R-US: Is it OK to Simplify Them? 273 Tóth, G.; Chen, Y.; van der Holst, B.; Daldorff, L. K. S.
A Godunov-Type Solver for Gravitational Flows: Towards a Time-Implicit Version in the HERACLES Code 279 Vides, J.; Van Criekingen, S.; Audit, E.; Szydlarski, M.
An ADER-WENO Finite Volume AMR code for Astrophysics 285 Zanotti, O.; Dumbser, M.; Hidalgo, A.; Balsara, D.
Back Matter   
Author Index 291 Pogorelov, N. V.; Audit, E.; Zank, G. P.
Back Matter 293