Title: Solar MHD Theory and Observations: A High Spatial Resolution Perspective
Volume: 354 Year: 2006 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Uitenbroek, Han; Leibacher, John; Stein, Robert F.
ISBN: 978-1-583812-22-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-288-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 354 Cover Uitenbroek, H.; Leibacher, J.; Stein, R.F.
Front Matter   
Volume 354 Front Matter 1 Uitenbroek, H.; Leibacher, J.; Stein, R.F.
Conference Photo   
Volume 354 Conference Photo 2 Uitenbroek, H.; Leibacher, J.; Stein, R.F.
Session 1.
Surface Observations
High-Resolution Surface Observations and What They Can Tell MHD Simulations 3 Keller, C.U.
MHD Waves Observed in Isolated Bright Points 13 Bharti, L.; Jain, R.; Joshi, C.; Jaaffrey, S.N.A.
Magnetic Patches in Internetwork Areas 20 de Wijn, A.G.; Rutten, R.J.; Haverkamp, E.M.W.P.; Suetterlin, P.
High-Resolution IBIS Observations and Comparison with 3D Simulations 26 Cauzzi, G.; Asensio Ramos, A.; Reardon, K.; Janssen, K.
Material Flow during Evolution of Photospheric Bright Points 33 Mikurda, K.; Schmidt, W.
High Spatial Resolution Observations of Solar Magnetic Structures 37 Rouppe van der Voort, L.; van Noort, M.; Carlsson, M.; Hansteen V.H.
The Height Dependence of Quiet-Sun Photospheric Temperature Fluctuations in Observations and Simulations 43 Koza, J.; Kucera, A.; Rybak, J.; Woehl, H.
IBIS: Reversed Granulation in the Quiet Photosphere 49 Janssen, K.; Cauzzi, G.
Solar Image Restoration by use of Multi-Object Multi-Frame Blind Deconvolution 55 van Noort, M.; Rouppe van der Voort, L.; Loefdahl, M.
Session 2.
Surface Diagnostics
Diagnostics of Quiet-Sun Magnetism 63 Khomenko, E.
A New Method for Comparing Numerical Simulations with Spectroscopic Observations of the Solar Photosphere 77 Rybak, J.; Kucera, A.; Woehl, H.; Wedemeyer-Boehm, S.; Steiner, O.
Session 3.
Convection, Magneto-Convection, and Dynamos
Turbulent Elasticity of the Solar Convective Zone and the Taylor Number Puzzle 85 Williams, P.T.
Supergranulation Scale Convection Simulations 92 Benson, D.; Stein, R.; Nordlund, A.
Flux Emergence at the Photosphere 97 Cheung, M.C.M.; Schuessler, M.; Moreno-Insertis, F.
And We Thought We Knew What the Sun Was Made Of 103 Trampedach, R.
Spatial and Temporal Spectra of Solar Convection 109 Georgobiani, D.; Stein, R.F.; Nordlund, A.
Three Dimensional Numerical Simulation of MHD Solar Convection on Multiprocessors Supercomputer Systems 115 Ustyugov, S.D.
Location of the Solar Dynamo and Near-Surface Shear 121 Brandenburg, A.
Are Convective Dynamos Responsible for the Minimum X-ray Fluxes Observed in the Sun and Late-Type Main Sequence Stars? 127 Bercik, D.J.; Fisher, G.H.; Johns-Krull, C.M.; Abbett, W.P.; Lundquist, L.L.
Session 4.
Sub-Surface Structures
Active Region Magnetic Fields in the Solar Interior 135 Abbett, W.P.; Fisher, G.H.
The Dynamical Disconnection of Sunspots from their Magnetic Roots 148 Rempel, M.; Schuessler, M.
Direct Observations of Acoustic Waves Excited by Solar Flares and their Propagation in Sunspot Regions 154 Kosovichev, A.G.
The Role of MHD Mode Conversion in Sunspot Seismology 161 Crouch, A.D.; Cally, P.S.; Charbonneau, P.; Braun, D.C.; Desjardins, M.
Magnetohelioseismic Analysis of AR10720 Using Helioseismic Holography 168 Moradi, H.; Donea, A.; Besliu-Ionescu, D.; Cally, P.; Lindsey, C.; Leka, K.
Simulations of Acoustic Excitation 174 Lindsey, C.; Birch, A.C.; Donea, A.-C.
Session 5.
Flux Emergence and Active Regions
Flux Emergence from the Solar Interior to the Atmosphere: The Passage through the Photosphere 183 Moreno-Insertis, F.
Emerging Active Regions: Turbulence in the Photosphere versus Flaring in the Corona 195 Abramenko, V.I.
New Detection of Acoustic Signatures from Solar Flares 204 Donea, A.-C.; Besliu-Ionescu, D.; Cally, P.; Lindsey, C.
Session 6.
The Puzzling Structure of a Sunspot 213 Weiss, N.O.
Evershed Flows along Penumbral Flux Tubes in Sunspots 224 Thomas, J.H.
Osmotically Driven Neutral Sunspot Winds 230 Kuhn, J.R.; Morgan, H.
3-D Structure of Sunspots Using Imaging Spectroscopy 237 Balasubramaniam, K.S.; Gary, G.A.; Reardon, K.
Behaviour of Acoustic Waves in Sunspots 244 Schunker, H.; Braun, D.C.; Cally, P.S.; Lindsey, C.
Plasma Flows in Emerging Sunspots in Pictures 249 Pevtsov, A.A.; Lamb, J.B.
Session 7. Chromospheric Observations   
Observations of the Solar Chromosphere 259 Judge, P.
On the Nature of the Solar Chromosphere 276 Rutten, R.J.
High Resolution Time Series of Narrowband Ca IIK Images in the Chromosphere 284 Woeger, F.; Wedemeyer-Boehm, S.; Schmidt, W.; von der Luehe, O.
Session 8.
Chromospheric Models
Chromospheric Modeling 291 Carlsson, M.
A First Three-Dimensional Model for the Carbon Monoxide Concentration in the Solar Atmosphere 301 Wedemeyer-Boehm, S.; Kamp, I.; Freytag, B.; Bruls, J.; Steffen, M.
Dynamic Hydrogen Ionization in Simulations of the Solar Chromosphere 306 Leenaarts, J.; Wedemeyer-Boehm, S.
Session 9.
Chromospheric Diagnostics
Chromospheric Diagnostics 313 Uitenbroek, H.
Hα Polarimetry as a Probe of Chromospheric Magnetic Fields 324 Hanaoka, Y.
Session 10.
Connections: Photosphere, Chromosphere, Corona, and Beyond
Connections: Photosphere — Chromosphere — Corona 331 Gudiksen, B.V.
Investigation of a Color-Color Method to Determine Solar Atmospheric Temperatures along Plasma Loops 339 Noglik, J.B.; Walsh, R.W.; Ireland, J.
Holistic MHD-Simulation from the Convection Zone to the Chromosphere 345 Schaffenberger, W.; Wedemeyer-Boehm, S.; Steiner, O.; Freytag, B.
Session 11.
The Future
The Future: Where are We Headed 353 Nordlund, A.
Back Matter   
Volume 354 Back Matter 366 Uitenbroek, H.; Leibacher, J.; Stein, R.F.