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Paper: Solving the 3+1 GRMHD Equations in the eXtended Conformally Flat Condition: the XNS Code for Magnetized Neutron Stars
Volume: 488, 8th International Conference of Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM 2013)
Page: 211
Authors: Bucciantini, N.; Pili, A. G.; Del Zanna, L.
Abstract: High-energy phenomena in astrophysics involve quite generally a combination of relativistic motions and strong gravity. The simultaneous solution of Einstein equations and General Relativistic MHD equations is thus necessary to model with accuracy such phenomena. The so-called Conformally Flat Condition (CFC) allows a simplified treatment of Einstein equations, that can be particularly efficient in those contexts where gravitational wave emission is negligible, like core-collapse, or the formation/evolution of neutron stars. We have developed a set of codes to model axisymmetric MHD flows, in General Relativity, where the solution of Einstein equations is achieved with a semi-spectral scheme. Here, we will show how this framework is particularly well suited to investigate neutron star equilibrium models in the presence of strong magnetic fields and we will present the XNS code, that has been recently developed and here updated to treat poloidal and mixed configurations.
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