Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
499 Optical and NIR Polarimetry of a Core L328 with Proto-Brown Dwarf 293 Soam; A.; Kwon, J.; Maheswar, G.; Tamura, M.; Lee, C. W.
499 Candidate Filament Collision in the SMC; Energy Distribution within the SFR N66/NGC346 251 Muller; E.; Kempen; T.; Mizuno; N.; Kawamura; A.; Minamidani; T.
516 “I am a Scientist”: A Pre-K Class Explores the 2017 Solar Eclipse 161 Lowry; A.
523 Gaia DPAC Project Office: Coordinating the Production of the Largest Star Catalogue 213 Gracia-Abril; G.; Teyssier; D.; Portell; J.; Brown; A.G.A.; Vallenari; A.; Jansen; F.; Lammers; U.