Abney, F.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
125 HARP---The Hubble Archive Re-Engineering Project 294 Hanisch, R. J.; Abney, F.; Donahue, M.; Gardner, L.; Hopkins, E.; Kennedy, H.; Kyprianou, M.; Pollizzi, J.; Postman, M.; Richon, J.; Swade, D.; Travisano, J.; White, R.
216 Magneto Optical as a Viable Storage Solution for the HST Archive 161 Abney, F.; Richon, J.
216 The Multimission Archive at the Space Telescope Science Institute 168 Padovani, P.; Abney, F.; Christian, D.; Comeau, T.; Donahue, M.; Hanisch, R. J.; Harrison, J.; Imhoff, C.; Kidwell, R.; Kimball, T.; Levay, K.; Postman, M.; Richon, J.; Smith, M.; Thompson, R.
434 The History and Future of STScI DADS 264 Gaffney, N.; Kidwell, R.; Kyprianou, M.; Abney, F.
495 The “One Archive” for JWST 77 Greene, G.; Kyprianou, M.; Levay, K.; Sienkewicz, M.; Donaldson, T.; Dower, T.; Swam, M.; Bushouse, H.; Greenfield, P.; Kidwell, R.; Wolfe, D.; Gardner, L.; Nieto-Santisteban, M.; Swade, D.; McLean, B.; Abney, F.; Alexov, A.; Binegar, S.; Aloisi, A.; Slowinski, S.; Gousoulin, J.
512 Integrating Single Sign-On into the STScI Archive: Lessons Learned 93 Alexov, A.; Abney, F.; Kyprianou, M.; Levay, K.; Zahn, J.
522 JWST Data Management Subsystem Operations: Receiving, Processing, and Archiving JWST Data 683 Kaleida, C.; Kyprianou, M.; Burger, M.; Abney, F.
523 JWST Data Management Subsystem Operations: Rehearsing to
Receive, Process, and Archive JWST Data
175 Kaleida, C.; Alexov, A.; Kyprianou, M.; Abney, F.; Burger, M.