Adámek, K.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
521 A Real-time Single Pulse Detection Algorithm for GPUs 596 Adámek, K.; Armour, W.
522 Improved Acceleration of the GPU Fourier Domain Acceleration Search Algorithm 477 Adámek, K.; Dimoudi, S.; Giles, M.; Armour, W.
523 A GPU Implementation of the Harmonic Sum Algorithm 489 Adámek, K.; Armour, W.
527 Development of Production-Ready GPU Data Processing Pipeline Software for AstroAccelerate 481 Carels, C.; Adámek, K.; Novotny, J.; Armour, W.
527 Searching for Pulsars in Extreme Orbits - GPU Acceleration of the Fourier Domain 'Jerk' Search 671 Adámek, K.; Novotný, J.; Dimoudi, S.; Armour, W.
532 Implementing CUDA Streams into AstroAccelerate – A Case Study 401 Novotn'y, J.; Adámek, K.; Armour, W.
532 Implementation of 3D Degridding Algorithm on the NVIDIA
GPUs using CUDA
405 Adámek, K.; Wortmann, P.; Nikolic, B.; Mort, B.; Armour, W.