Adelberger, K.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
146 Galaxies and Large Scale Structure at z~3 428 Steidel, C.; Adelberger, K.; Giavalisco, M.; Dickinson, M.; Pettin, M.; Kellogg, M.
193 Extremely Red Galaxies in the Field of QSO 1213-0017: A Galaxy Concentration at z = 1.31 344 Liu, M. C.; Dey, A.; Graham, J. R.; Steidel, C. C.; Adelberger, K.
200 Star Formation and Structure Formation at 1 <~ z <~ 4 13 Adelberger, K.
291 Measuring the Influence of Supernovae at High Redshift 221 Adelberger, K.