Adelberger, K. L.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
114 Discovery of a Population of Star-forming Galaxies at Redshifts Z greater than or approximates 3 47 Adelberger, K. L.; Steidel, C. C.
148 The Discovery of Primeval Galaxies and the Epoch of Galaxy Formation 67 Pettini, Max; Steidel, C. C.; Adelberger, K. L.; Kellogg, M.; Dickinson, M.; Giavalisco, M.
191 Overview - High Redshift Galaxies: What Good Are They? 119 Steidel, C. C.; Adelberger, K. L.
193 Star Forming Galaxies in the Moderately Hy-Redshift Universe 462 Steidel, C. C.; Adelberger, K. L.
290 Faint Optically selected AGN at z = 3 613 Hunt, M. P.; Steidel, C. C.; Shapley, A. E.; Adelberger, K. L.; Pettini, M.; Dickinson, M.; Giavalisco, M.; Connolly, A. J.