Aldcroft, T.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
113 The Evolving X-Ray Absorber on NGC3516. 234 Mathur, S.; Wilkes, B. J.; Aldcroft, T.
121 Optical Polarization and Line Variability in Quasars with Associated Absorption 681 Aldcroft, T.; Bechtold, J.; Smith, P.; Foltz, C.; Schmidt, C.
125 The AXAF Ground Aspect Determination System Pipeline 488 Karovska, M.; Aldcroft, T.; Cameron, R. A.; Deponte, J.; Birkinshaw, M.
128 Variability in Radio-Loud Quasar Associated Absorption Lines 25 Aldcroft, T.; Bechtold, J.; Foltz, C.
290 Deep Chandra observation of the binary/lensed BALQSO UM 425 179 Aldcroft, T.; Green, P.; Siemiginowska, A. L.; Mathur, S.
460 Constraining Variable High Velocity Winds from Broad Absorption Line Quasars with Multi-Epoch Spectroscopy 98 Haggard, D.; Arraki, K. S.; Green, P. J.; Aldcroft, T.; Anderson, S. F.
495 Sherpa. On the Move to Open Collaborative, Development 313 Laurino, O.; Siemiginowska, A.; Evans, J.; Aldcroft, T.; Burke, D. J.; McDowell, J.; McLaughlin, W.; Nguyen, D.