Alexander, P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
121 A Self-Similar Model for Extragalactic Jets and the FRI/FRII Divide 732 Kaiser, C. R.; Alexander, P.
240 Modeling the Interstellar Medium in Interacting Galaxies 208 Clemens, M. S.; Winter, G.; Alexander, P.
240 Extended Dust Emission in NGC 7465 224 Thomas, H. C.; Clemens, M. S.; Alexander, P.; Green, D. A.; Eales, S.; Dunne, L.
290 The environmental impact of FR-II radio sources 323 Alexander, P.
320 High Resolution Observations of Neutral Gas in the Starburst Merger NGC 520 73 Beswick, R.; Pedlar, A.; Clemens, M.; Alexander, P.
320 HI in the Starburst Nucleus of Arp 193 77 Clemens, M.; Alexander, P.
320 Neutral ISM in the Interacting Spiral NGC 4647 156 Cullen, H.; Alexander, P.; Green, D.; Sheth, K.
381 A Simple Model For Mid-Infrared Emission from Normal Galaxies 337 Nikolic, B.; Alexander, P.; Ford, D.
438 Applying Bayesian Analysis to Radio Polarization Data 292 Geisbuesch, J.; Alexander, P.