Allen, R.J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
329 Total Opacity of Local Group Galaxies and Large-Scale Structure Behind the Galactic Bulge 103 Gonzalez, R.A.; Holwerda, B.; Loinard, L.; Allen, R.J.; Muller, S.
381 Dust in Spiral Disks: Opacity Profiles from FIR Emission and Counts of Distant Galaxies 76 Holwerda, B.W.; González, R.A.; Calzetti, D.; Allen, R.J.; van der Kruit, P.C.; the SINGS team
396 Structure and Evolution of the Opacity of Spiral Disks 123 Holwerda, B.W.; González, R.A.; Keel, W.C.; Calzetti, D.; Allen, R.J.; van de Kruit, P.C.