Altmann, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
275 Tracing Thick Disk and Halo of the Milky Way with Kinematics of sdB Stars 129 Altmann, M.; de Boer, K. S.; Edelman, H.
334 3D-Kinematics of White Dwarfs from the SPY-Project 81 Pauli, E.-M.; Heber, U.; Napiwotzki, R.; Altmann, M.; Odenkirchen, M.
334 Searching for White and Brown Dwarfs in the Frame of the MUSYC/CYDER Survey 143 Altmann, M.; Mendez, R.A.; Ruiz, M.-T.; van Altena, W.; Gawiser, E.; Maza, J.; van Dokkum, P.
334 The Mass of the sdB Primary of the Binary HS 2333+3927 357 Heber, U.; Drechsel, H.; Karl, C.; Ostensen, R.; Folkes, S.; Napiwotzki, R.; Altmann, M.; Cordes, O.; Solheim, J.-E.; Voss, B.; Koester, D.
392 Binaries among Extreme Horizontal Branch Stars in Globular Clusters 27 Moni Bidin, C.; Catelan, M.; Villanova, S.; Piotto, G.; Altmann, M.; Momany, Y.; Moehler, S.
392 Meet the COG’s 151 Altmann, M.; Catelan, M.; Zoccali, M.
392 Hypervelocity Stars: Young and Heavy or Old and Light? 167 Heber, U.; Hirsch, H.A.; Edelmann, H.; Napiwotzki, R.; O’Toole, S.J.; Brown, W.; Altmann, M.
392 A Search for EHB Pulsators in the Globular Cluster NGC 6752 347 Catelan, M.; Prieto, G.E.; Zoccali, M.; Weidner, C.; Stetson, P.B.; Moni Bidin, C.; Altmann, M.; Smith, H.A.; Pritzl, B.J.; Borissova, J.; De Medeiros J.R.
475 VO-Compatible Architecture for Managing and Processing Images of Moving Celestial Bodies : Application to the Gaia-GBOT Project 251 Barache, C.; Bouquillon, S.; Carlucci, T.; Taris, F.; Michel, L.; Altmann, M.