Altrock, R. C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
27 The Solar Cycle Variation of Coronal Temperature during Cycle 22 395 Guhathakurta, M.; Altrock, R. C.
95 The Solar Mass Ejection Imager (SMEI): Development and Use in Space Weather Forecasting 158 Keil, S. L.; Altrock, R. C.; Kahler, S. W.; Jackson, B. V.; Buffington, A.; Hick, P. L.; Simnett, G.; Eyles, C.; Webb, D. F.; Anderson, P.
95 The Coronal Temperature Structure and the Current Sheet 358 Hick, Paul; Jackson, B. V.; Altrock, R. C.; Slater, G.; Henry, T.
140 Synoptic Coronal Temperature; Magnetic Field and He 11083 NM Observations 325 Penn, M.; Altrock, R. C.; Henry, T.; Guhathakurta, M.
428 The Progress of Solar Cycle 24 at High Latitudes 147 Altrock, R. C.