Amado, P.J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
310 Preparing the COROT Space Mission: Building a Photometric and Variability Database of Stars in its Field of View 564 Amado, P.J.; Garrido, R.; Poretti, E.; Michel, E.
318 Hα Spectroscopy of SB2 Systems AR Lac, KT Peg and KZ And 382 Zboril, M.; Amado, P.J.; Oliviera, J.M.; Moreno, C.
333 Stromgren Photometry of the Delta Scuti-type Star V407 Cep. Preliminary Results. 239 Lopez de Coca, P.; Rolland, A.; Olivares, I.; Rodriguez, E.; Costa, V.; Amado, P.J.
333 First Results on HD 172189: a δ Scuti Pulsator in a Binary System 253 Martin-Ruiz, S.; Amado, P.J.; Suarez, J.C.; Moya, A.