Anderson, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
200 Measuring Ωb from the Helium Lyα Forest 291 Wadsley, J.; Hogan, C.; Anderson, S.
251 First Results from the ROSAT All-sky Survey / Sloan Digital Sky Survey Collaboration 496 Voges, W.; Trümper, J.; Boller, Th.; Böhringer, H.; Neuhäuser, R.; Englhauser, J.; Xue, J.; Anderson, S.; Annis, J.; Margon, B.; McKay, T.; Nichol, R.; Sheldon, E.; Richards, G.; The SDSS Collaboration
261 Finding CVs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: First results 297 Szkody, P.; Anderson, S.; Agüeros, M.; Covarrubias, R.
357 Optical-IR SEDs of SDSS Quasars in the Spitzer First Look Survey 261 Richards, G.; Lacy, M.; Storrie-Lombardi, L.; Fan, X.; Papovich, C.; Gallagher, S.; Hall, P.; Hines, D.; Anderson, S.; Jester, S.; Schneider, D.; Vanden Berk, D.; Strauss, M.; York, D.
359 Towards an Improved Numerical Treatment of Compressible Turbulence in Astrophysical Flows 97 Woodward, P.R.; Porter, D.H.; Anderson, S.; Fuchs, T.
493 Constraining the Initial-Final Mass Relation with Wide Double White Dwarfs 301 Andrews, J. J.; Agüeros, M. A.; Gianninas, A.; Kilic, M.; Dhital, S.; Anderson, S.