Antalova, A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
27 The Statistics of CA 11-K Plage Macrostructure (January 1969 - May 1980) 256 Antalova, A.; Stepanyan, N. N.
27 Fourier Analysis of the LDE Flare Index (1969 - 1991) 377 Antalova, A.
95 Magnetic Reversal in the 22nd Solar Cycle and Spatial Distribution of LDE-type Flares 82 Antalova, A.; Jakimiec, M.
95 Long Duration Soft X-ray Events and Galactic Cosmic Ray Modulation 119 Antalova, A.; Rybak, J.; Kudela, K.; Venkatesan, D.
95 Galactic Cosmic Ray Modulatton and Solar X-ray Parameters During the Maximum Phases of Sunspot Cycles 20 and 22 437 Antalova, A.; Storini, M.; Jakimiec, M.