Arion, D. N.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
431 International Year of Astronomy 2009 Cornerstone Projects: What’s Available for You 86 Pompea, S. M.; Schweitzer, A.; Deustua, S.; Isbell, D.; Fienberg, R. T.; Arion, D. N.; Walker, C. E.; Gay, P. L.; Smith, D. A.; Pantoja, C. A.; Watzke, M.; Arcand, K. K.
431 Building on the International Year of Astronomy: The Galileoscope Program 95 Sparks, R. T.; Pompea, S. M.; Walker, C. E.; Fienberg, R. T.; Arion, D. N.
457 Engaging the Public with Astronomy in Collaboration with Outdoors/Nature Education Programs 131 Arion, D. N.; DeLucia, S.
473 Three Years After the IYA: An Update on the Galileoscope Project 279 Fienberg, R. T.; Arion, D. N.; Pompea, S. M.