Aschenbach, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
52 Verification of the PROS Timing Analysis Package 484 Manning, K. R.; Conroy, M. A.; Deponte, J.; Moran, J. F.; Primini, F. A.; Seward, F. D.; Aschenbach, B.
80 ROSAT Results on Supernova Remnants 432 Aschenbach, B.
234 A spectroscopic survey of the XMM-Newton first light field in the LMC 313 Haberl, F.; Aschenbach, B.; Dennerl, K.; Hasinger, G.; Trümper, J.
251 Spatially Resolved X-ray Spectroscopy of the Vela Supernova Remnant 258 Lu, F. J.; Aschenbach, B.
251 Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy of Tycho's SNR 276 Stadlbauer, T. F. X.; Aschenbach, B.
271 Galactic SNR Candidates in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey 391 Schaudel, D.; Becker, W.; Voges, W.; Aschenbach, B.; Reich, W.; Weisskopf, M.