Asher, D. J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
84 Searching for Near-Earth Asteroids with the UK Schmidt Telescope at the AAO 159 Steel, D. I.; McNaught, R. H.; Garradd, C. J.; Russell, K. S.; Asher, D. J.
104 When Might 2P/ENCKE have Produced Meteor Storms? 125 Steel, D. I.; Asher, D. J.
104 NO Meteor Storms Expected from P/machholz 2 129 Asher, D. J.; Steel, D. I.
246 An Education Program Using Tera-Byte NEA Observation Data 245 Asami, A.; Asher, D. J.; Hashimoto, T.; Isobe, S.; Nishiyama, S.; Ohshima, Y.; Terazono, J.; Urata, T.; Yoshikawa, M.