Auer, L. H.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
7 A Source of Observational Constraints on the Structure of Wolf-Rayet Winds 291 Auer, L. H.; Koenigsberger, G.
22 Intrinsic vs. Binary-Induced Profile Variability: Can we Tell the Difference? (Invited Paper) 239 Koenigsberger, C.; Auer, L. H.
35 Is the W-R System HD 5980 in the SMC Undergoing Outburst? 249 Koeningsberger, G.; Auer, L. H.; Cardona, O.; Drissen, L.; Moffatt, A. F. J.; St. Louis, N.; Seggewiss, W.
59 Radiative Transfer Modeling of Molecular Clouds: HCO+ in the Star-Forming Region W 49 A North 253 Dickel, H. R.; Auer, L. H.; Wilner, D. J.