Axon, D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
12 High Spectral and Spatial Resolution Imaging of the Shock Waves in Orion 327 Burton, Michael; Bland, Joss; Axon, D.; Brand, P.; Carden, R.; Ceballe, T.; Hollenbach, D.; Hough, J.; McLean, L.; Moorhouse, A.
71 High Resolution Studies of Molecular Hydrogen by Means of Near-Infrared Fabry-Perot Imaging 173 Chrysostomou, A.; Burton, M.; Axon, D.; Brand, P.; Hough, J.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Geballe, T.
101 NICMOS Calibration Pipeline---A Collaborative Project Between IDT and STScI 281 Bushouse, H.; MacKenty, J.; Skinner, C.; Axon, D.; Stobie, E.; Schneider, G.
159 A Seyfert Nucleus in BL Lacertae? 24 Axon, D.; Corbett, E. A.; Robinson, A.; Hough, J. H.
290 The neutral dust and gas in the radio galaxy 3C 305 215 Jackson, N.; Beswick, R.; Pedlar, A.; Cole, G.; Leahy, J. P.; Holloway, A. J.; Sparks, W. B.; Axon, D.
373 Resolving the BLR in NGC 3783 407 Lira, P.; Kishimoto, M.; Robinson, A.; Young, S.; Axon, D.; Elvis, M.; Lawrence, A.; Peterson, B.
408 Silicate Emission, Hydrocarbon Absorption, and CO Nondetections in Type 2 AGN 47 Mason, R.E.; Geballe, T.; Levenson, N.A.; Shi, Y.; Packham, C.; Gorjian, V.; Rodriguez-Ardila, A.; Cleary, K.; Axon, D.; Rhee, J.; Werner,M.
449 Polarimetric Signatures of Winds from Active Galactic Nuclei 436 Young, S.; Axon, D.; Robinson, A.; Smith, J.; Hough, J. H.