Ayres, T.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
52 The Cool-Star Spectral Catalog: A Uniform Collection of IUE SWP-LOs 51 Ayres, T.; Lenz, D.; Burton, R.; Bennett, J.
64 Sleuthing the Dynamo: HST/FOS Observations of UV Emissions of Solar-Type Stars in Young Clusters 53 Ayres, T.; Basri, G.; Simon, T.; Stauffer, J.; Stern, R.; Antiochos, S.; Bookbinder, J.; Brown, A.; Doschek, G.; Linsky, J.; Ramsey, L.; Walter, F.
64 The MUSICOS Network for Multi-Site Continuous Spectroscopy 699 Foing, B. H.; The MUSICOS Collaboration; Catala, C.; Baudrand, J.; Boehm, T.; Hubert, A. M.; Jankov, S.; Cutispoto, G.; Catalano, S.; Pagano, I.; Rodono, M.; Umana, G.; Zhai, D. S.; Jiang, S.; Huang, L.; Hao, J. X.; Char, S.; Houdebine, E. R.; Ayres, T.; Neff, J. E.; Simon, T.; Butler, C. J.; Collier-Cameron, A.; Kennelly, T.; Walker, G.; Talavera, A.
69 Rapid Ultraviolet Variability in NGC 4151 171 Edelson, R.; Fenton, S.; Crenshaw, D. M.; Reichert, G. A.; Peterson, B. M.; Clavel, J.; Rodriguez-Pascual, P.; Warwick, R.; Smith, D.; Ayres, T.; Shull, J. M.
183 High-Resolution Thermal Infrared Imaging of the Sun: A Pipe Dream? 186 Ayres, T.
223 STIS Observations of the Hybrid-Chromosphere Star alpha TrA (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/linsky2) 1626 Linsky, J. L.; Redfield, S.; Harper, G.; Ayres, T.; Brown, A.
242 Cool Star Chromospheres and the Sun 247 Linsky, J.; Redfield, S.; Ayres, T.; Brown, A.; Harper, G.
448 The Amazing COS FUV (1320 - 1460 Å) Spectrum of λ Vel (K4Ib-II)1 1083 Carpenter, K. G.; Ayres, T.; Brown, A.; Harper, G. M.; Wahlgren, G. M.